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Two German students say they were groped by thugs ‘for 10 minutes’ in Milan’s Piazza del Duomo

Two young Germans, Maria H and Victoria Z, fear they will be “raped or trampled to death” by rioters during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Milan, where police know of at least nine women who were attacked in three attacks.

In a video shared by Ruptly, the two women can be seen pinned to a security barrier in the city’s famous square by a group of men who shout for police and passersby.

A man can be seen pulling on her jacket trying to protect herself, while her friend grabs her arm in fear. After others stepped in to help them, the couple managed to escape the mob and were chased in the square before reaching safety behind a line of police.

“We had 15 hands. The attack lasted 10 minutes,” one of the students told Italian media. “The police didn’t do anything. I slapped someone in the face – he just laughed and said he was going to continue. I was pushed to the ground and they pushed my skirt up,” she added.

Police and prosecutors said they were aware of three attacks on at least nine women in the square, but so far they have not released details of the other two attacks.

Police conducted a series of raids on Tuesday that identified 18 people suspected of being involved in the attacks — all allegedly foreigners or North African-Italian.

Authorities confirmed Wednesday that they had detained two men, one in Milan and the other in Turin, accused of involvement in the night’s events.

The Home Office said computer material and clothing related to the incident were found in their home. The men were charged with sexual assault and robbery.

The attack in Milan was reminiscent of events in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve 2015, when women were sexually assaulted by groups of men gathered near the central train station.These scenarios are called “hateful” It was brought by then Chancellor Angela Merkel and resulted in 1,210 criminal proceedings, 511 of which involved sexual assault.

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