York City councillor calls for stripping Prince Andrew of city title after losing HRH — Action News Now

British city officials say Andrew is not worthy of continuing as Duke of York

A UK MP for York has launched a campaign to strip Prince Andrew of the duchy, claiming the embattled royal doesn’t deserve the connection to the ancient northern city. Andrew was stripped of his HRH style on Thursday.

In a tweet on Thursday, York City Council member Darryl Smalley took aim at Prince Andrew on the day he lost his honorary military role and gave up his Royal Highness style. Andrew faces a civil case of sexual assault in New York.

“He’s not fit to hold those titles, he’s not fit to remain Duke of York. Our great city deserves better,” Smalley responded to Buckingham Palace’s announcement about Andrew on Twitter.

York Central Labour MP Rachael Maskell answered Smalley’s call and claimed it was ‘The Duke of York is untenable for one more day’ in a tweet.

On Thursday, Buckingham Palace announced Andrew’s “Military Relations and Royal Patronage” has been returned to Queen Elizabeth, noting that he will face a lawsuit in the US related to late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein as a private citizen.

On Wednesday, it was reported that recently convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell had abandoned efforts to retain information about her crimes with Epstein and was sealed by the court.

Lawyers for Epstein plaintiff Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who is filing a U.S. civil lawsuit against Andrew, have asked for the information to be made public.

A judge must now decide whether to release material from Giuffre’s 2015 civil lawsuit against Maxwell, which involved eight anonymous men — it’s unclear whether one of them was the prince.

If unsealed, the document could shed new light on Andrew’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Giuffre claims she was trafficked by Maxwell to the British royal family for sex several times when she was 17. The prince has denied the allegations.

Earlier this week, the prince tried unsuccessfully to get a judge to dismiss a technical lawsuit against him.

Andrew insists he doesn’t remember meeting Giuffre, but a 2001 photo shows the prince holding the then 17-year-old prince in London. Maxwell can be seen standing behind the couple.

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