With the increase in cases, the French Prime Minister tested positive for COVID-19

French Prime Minister Jean Castex tested positive for COVID-19 within 19 hours after visiting neighboring Belgium

The office of French Prime Minister Jean Castex stated that he will adjust his schedule for the next 10 days to continue his isolation activities. Officials at the prime minister’s headquarters did not comment on whether Castex had any symptoms of the virus.

His office said that one of Castex’s daughters tested positive on Monday after her father came back from a meeting with the Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Crowe in Brussels, and then Castex himself was tested twice. Was positive.

According to the Belgian national broadcaster RTBF, De Crowe’s office stated that he will be tested on Tuesday and will self-isolate while waiting for the results.

Although 75% of the French population is vaccinated, the number of viral infections has increased rapidly in recent weeks. In France, the number of hospitalizations and deaths related to the virus is also on the rise, but well below the crisis level of the early surge.

French President Emmanuel Macron contracted COVID-19 in December last year, and other government ministers also contracted the virus.


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