Will British voters back Johnson after a string of scandals? | Boris Johnson News

London, United Kingdom – UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s grip on power once again questioned by new reports drinking party that breaks the rules In Downing Street Rose Garden.

The UK recorded 363 deaths from COVID-19 when it was reported at a social event of 40 people on 20 May 2020, as the government told the public, “You can meet people in public places outdoors. to someone outside your household.”

Conservative leader Johnson, Admission He briefly joined the party at the Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, acknowledging the public’s growing “anger” that the COVID-19 measures “are not being followed properly by those who set the rules.”

More than two-thirds (66%) of voters think the prime minister should resign now, with 42% of voters who voted for the Conservatives at the 2019 general election, according to Savanta ComRes, a London-based pollster.The poll showed a 12-point increase in the group’s previous poll in December, Britain was hit with strict COVID-19 rules when allegations were made of a Christmas party in Downing Street in 2020.

Johnson’s popularity with the public has been in decline since June. After his guilty plea on Wednesday, senior officials in his administration called for his resignation.

Al Jazeera spoke to Britons who voted for Johnson in 2019 about how they feel now and whether they continue to support the prime minister and his Conservative Party.

‘He was found to be a liar’

Matthew, 28, a financial services employee in Lancashire:

“He was the right man at the right time – to fix Brexit. I don’t think voters voted for Johnson because of his integrity, but given the situation the country was facing at the time, the impasse in Parliament caused by Brexit The constitutional crisis and the prospect of Brexit [former opposition Labour Party leader] Jeremy Corbyn is the only credible choice as prime minister.

But now that he has the opportunity to govern properly, largely outside his pandemic umbrella, he has been found to be a charlatan.

It’s time for serious, capable hands, and someone with more moral authority to guide us through some of the difficult social, economic, and geopolitical times ahead. “

‘He can recover from this scandal’

Sarah, a 40-year-old woman from London, works in marketing:

“The last year and a half has been really bad for everyone and I believe 10 Downing Street is a lovely bubble. There shouldn’t be parties there and everyone else has to be in it. To see someone in such a prominent public It’s sad to have a status without expecting some form of accountability.

“I think the garden party was a stupid mistake of judgment and it certainly doesn’t look good in the newspapers and the public. I think he can recover from this scandal and it will all pass. Hopefully he has learned his lesson, otherwise he There will be a battle. [Labour leader] Sir Keir Starmer’s popularity will inevitably increase.

“I’m a swing voter and it depends on the party mandate. I haven’t decided how I’m going to vote in the next election.”

‘I continue to support Boris’

Ben, 41, Green Investment Manager from Somerset:

“Whether the 10th staff, who have been spending every day together throughout the pandemic, gathered around the coffee machine or in the garden during that time, I’m grappling with those issues.

British voter Gordon poses for picturesBen, 41, says he will continue to support Johnson despite scandals sweeping his government [Courtesy: Ben]

“I continue to support Boris Johnson for three fundamental reasons: because he got Brexit done when most UK institutions were bent on overturning the 2016 referendum result. Because of his ambitions for domestic and international nature and climate policy more than Any of our prime ministers is bigger.”

“I am satisfied with the work he has done”

Claret, a 48-year-old Scottish business manager:

“I believe other parties are focusing their efforts to discredit him and the Conservative Party for any reason they can find.

“I voted for Johnson in 2019. I’m very pleased with the work he’s doing and think he’s doing a fantastic job during the pandemic. He’s managed the rollout of vaccines and boosters very well. He’s had to deal with Infected with COVID-19, lost her mother and betrayed her own party.

“But if there’s another leadership challenge, I’m going to have to think carefully about how I vote in the next election.”

‘I’d rather change the leadership of the Conservative Party’

Gordon, 45, from London:

“Johnson has fallen short of many Conservative goals and the expectations of those who voted for it [Conservative] government.

British voter Gordon poses for pictures in LondonGordon, 45, says Johnson failed to meet voters’ expectations [Madeline Roache/Al Jazeera]

“I’m not particularly friendly to lockdown – it’s not pleasant to see the city die like this. First of all, I don’t think there should be lockdown restrictions. Garden parties bother me because Johnson is on this very unsustainable path. , expensive routes, not following the rules.

“Will I vote for Johnson again? It’s hard. I’d rather change the leadership of the Conservative Party. If there are viable alternatives, I’ll vote for them.”

‘He’s out of touch with people’s feelings’

Rita, 62, from Essen:

“He’s gone too far. He’s out of touch with reality and how people feel. And he doesn’t seem to think he’s doing anything wrong – that’s the problem. But I’ll still vote 100% for him and the Conservatives. I think No other party can vote to take his place. In other words, we are tired.”

Editor’s Note: These interviews have been edited for clarity and brevity.