Why is it feared that the Bosnian war could resume?

London Bosnia has been torn apart by a brutal war for more than 25 years and more than 100,000 people have been killed.

What happened in the 1990s?

When Bosnia and Herzegovina, part of Yugoslavia, was declared an independent state in 1992, it consisted of ethnic Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats. The Bosnian Serbs, who outnumbered the new nation, resisted Bosnian independence. They were supported by ethnic Serbs in other parts of the former Yugoslavia, including neighboring Serbia and Croatia.

Shortly after Bosnia and Herzegovina was recognized as an independent nation, Bosnian Serbs began attacking Bosnia’s most populous towns and cities. Within weeks, about two-thirds of Bosnia’s territory came under Serb control. More than 1 million Bosnians and Croats were forced out of their homes and about 100,000 people were killed Proven case of genocide By the Bosnian Serb army

Russia’s influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina


The international community has been seen as ineffective in curbing violence. Even after the town of Srebrenica was declared a “safe zone” by the United Nations in 1995, more than 7,000 Bosnians were killed in the massacre when UN peacekeepers failed to protect the area.

Following NATO’s final bombing campaign, a US-brokered peace deal divided the country into two autonomous, but united entities: a Serb-led entity called the Republica Serpska, with its own government now in the north. And in the east, within the borders. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

what is happening now?

Late last year, Bosnian Serb leader Melvard Dodak raised concerns about a succession bid when he said the Republican Serbska would withdraw from Bosnia-Herzegovina’s three main state institutions – the armed forces, the judiciary and the tax agency. The move would violate the terms of the 1995 peace agreement that ended the war.

Dodak also said that Bosnian intelligence and security agencies would be banned from operating in the Republica Serpska.

Protests in Brussels over crisis at BIH
Residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina staged demonstrations around the world on January 10, 2022, as in Brussels, Belgium, demanding the upholding of the 1995 peace agreement that ended the war in the country.

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His rhetoric sparked protests across Europe and in New York and Washington DC, with protesters demanding the intervention of the international community – this time before tensions escalate into bloodshed. The U.S. government has called for an investigation into reports that Bosnian Serbs held banned ceremonies earlier this month, in recognition of the 1992 declaration of independence from Bosnia by Republican Serpiska.

The ceremonies, which were allegedly led by Dodak himself, are said to have been attended by Serbian, Russian and Chinese officials.

A State Department spokeswoman said in a statement that the United States was “deeply concerned” about the hate speech, praise of war criminals and reports of provocative incidents targeting those returning to the Republican Serbska. “We urge the competent authorities to investigate these incidents without delay and hold those responsible accountable.”

A blue-green detailed map of the administrative divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the country's flag and the world's location.
The map of Bosnia and Herzegovina shows two independent but united entities forming the country under the terms of the 1995 peace agreement, mediated by the United States.

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Protest organizers said on Facebook: “The events we have witnessed in the last six months are very reminiscent of the pre-war period, and at least we survivors have a duty and a right to Speak publicly and clearly. “

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina, it should not be kept where it was … with the establishment of parallel institutions and autonomous territories contrary to the constitution of the state, which has led to aggression, oppression, large-scale war crimes and genocide. Has been brought to justice; we have been asking to stop repeating history since the nineties!