WHO: Record-breaking weekly COVID-19 cases surge and death toll decrease | Coronavirus pandemic news

The person in charge of the WHO said that the Omicron variant seems to produce a milder disease, but it should not be classified as “mild.”

According to the World Health Organization, a record 9.5 million COVID-19 cases were recorded globally last week, marking a weekly surge of 71%, equivalent to a “tsunami”. Omicron coronavirus variant ravage the world.

However, the recorded death toll has fallen.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Thursday: “Last week, the number of COVID-19 cases reported in the pandemic was the highest so far.” He said that the WHO determined this was an underestimation because of testing before and after the holiday at the end of the year. Backlog.

The United Nations health agency stated in its weekly report on the pandemic that there were 9,520,488 new cases every week-41,178 deaths last week, compared to 44,680 the previous week.

WHO officials have long cited the lag between the number of cases and the number of deaths, and the change in the number of deaths often lags behind the change in the number of cases by about two weeks.

They also noticed that the more contagious variant of Omicron seems to produce Milder disease The Delta strain is more predominant than the world, but should not be classified as “mild”.

Ghebreyesus said: “Like the previous variant, Omicron is hospitalizing people and killing people.”

He added: “In fact, the tsunami of cases is so huge and rapid that health systems around the world are overwhelmed.”

Governments have been working hard to control this virus, which has caused more than 5.8 million deaths.

According to the WHO, the rise in the number of cases last week varied. The Americas doubled, but the African region only increased by 7%.

Dr. Michael Ryan, the head of WHO’s emergency affairs, said that speculation that Omicron might be the last variant of the epidemic was “wishful thinking” and warned that “this virus still has a lot of energy.”

“Billions of people are completely unprotected”

Tedros called again Greater fairness Distribute and obtain vaccines worldwide.

He said that based on the current vaccine launch speed, 109 countries will not be able to achieve the WHO goal of 70% of the global population being fully vaccinated by July. This goal is seen as helping to end the acute phase of the pandemic.

Tedros said: “In a few countries, one booster after another will not end the pandemic, and billions of people are still completely unprotected.”

WHO consultant Bruce Aylward said that 36 countries have not even reached 10% vaccination coverage. He added that 80% of critically ill patients worldwide are not vaccinated.

Maria van Kerkhove, head of WHO COVID-19 technology, said that another variant, B.1.640, was first recorded in multiple countries in September 2021. It is one of the variants monitored by WHO, but it has not spread widely.

WHO officials are calling on the public to take measures to fight the pandemic, such as vaccinations, ventilating rooms, maintaining proper physical distance and wearing masks-but appropriate.

“I was shocked by the way people actually wear masks,” Van Khoff said.

“Wearing a mask under your chin is useless. It will give you a false sense of security, thinking that you have something to protect you. It will not… Basically, we ask everyone to participate.”