“Who killed Malcolm X?” The host hopes to get the answer after being innocent

In the seminal documentary series “Who killed Malcolm X?” two years later, the nominal question was raised and triggered a reinvestigation of the assassination of civil rights heroes. Two of the three men convicted in 1965 The man was acquitted.

Manhattan Judge Allen Bee this Thursday Conviction dismissed The story of Muhammad Aziz and the late Khalil Islam, each of whom was imprisoned for more than 20 years for not committing a crime. Mujahid Abdul Halim, the third man convicted in the Malcolm X assassination case, admitted to shooting and killing the respected activist in the initial trial and said that Aziz and Islam Teaching is innocent.

Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, historian and host of Netflix’s “Who Killed Malcolm X?”, Thursday reflected the historic impunity of Islam And the 83-year-old Aziz, Who said today’s overturned guilty verdict “should not happen”. Islam died in 2009.

“I feel very happy, gratified and humble to see this day come,” Mohammed told The Times in a telephone interview. “This is an overwhelming emotion.”

In a six-episode show directed by Phil Bertelsen and Rachel Dretzin, “Who killed Malcolm X?” Mohammed was seen embarking on a mission to uncover the mystery of the fatal shooting at the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights, New York City .

Supported by convincing clues and interviews with experts and witnesses, the real crime series believes that Aziz and Islam should never be held responsible for Malcolm X’s death.According to the Associated Press, Aziz and Islam’s lawyers stated that the recent review of the case provided new evidence in support of the innocence of Aziz and Islam, and concluded that the authorities Conceal related information During the investigation.

“I want to correct the historical record, but I am also working hard to bring justice to this case because I know that two people have been wrongly convicted,” Mohamed told The Times.

“And I also know-from many, decades of research-who actually is… the assassin.”

“Who killed Malcolm X?” Multiple recent documentary projects have had a realistic impact on their themes and legal systems-from Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” to FX’s “Framing Britney Spears” Ignited a movement against the supervision of the popular superstar.

In the past three months, Islam and Aziz were acquitted, R. Kelly was convicted, and Spears’ custody was terminated.

“This is the democratization of technology,” Muhammad said. “Even with the iPhone 12, you can get very, very powerful documentary footage…. When storytelling becomes so democratized, the story becomes more… easier to spread. …

“I mean, what happened to R. Kelly has been a shocking shame for decades, and people have already known it. But… “The surviving R. Kelly” is related to “Who killed Marko” Hm X? “Knocked him down in the same way. Corrected this historical injustice.”

Although Islam and Aziz have been pardoned, Muhammad still wants to know why and how they were framed for murder, and “the extent of government involvement or understanding” Assassinated. “

Since the case is still pending, the scholar said that the audience “may be expecting” “Who killed Malcolm X?” “”, but he declined to provide more details about the content of the next chapter.

“Why do these people arrange this way? That’s the problem,” Muhammad said. “When the government knows who the real assassin is, why don’t they arrest the real assassin? …

“We have shown in the series that the government is accomplices in… the Islamic nation against Malcolm and his organization in creating hostility and hostility and harsh remarks. We must look at the counterintelligence program and their role in it.. ….. Who are the nine undercover FBI informants who have never been summoned to testify in the ballroom? Why not [Det.] Gene Roberts summoned to testify? …These are the questions we want to ask. “

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