WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram are banned by the Swiss army — Action News Now

The Swiss military believes that the use of WhatsApp and several other messengers does not meet security requirements

According to Swiss media reports this week, Swiss soldiers must stop using WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram and use domestic messengers instead. Data protection was cited as the reason.

According to Swiss media reports, the commander and chief of staff received instructions in late December to inform them of the new regulations. The directive stated that Army personnel should now use the domestically produced Threema messenger for official and private communications, including chats between soldiers and their relatives.

This description contains a clear prohibition on other applications: “All other services are no longer allowed,” The media that has access to the content of the reported email. However, it is not clear whether any sanctions will be imposed on people who do not stop using WhatsApp or other foreign messengers.

Army hope army “for example,” Like them “Encourage consistent communication through Threema.”

According to reports, the military will also bear the cost of downloading domestic applications-4 Swiss francs (4.35 US dollars). According to reports, the annual fee collected by the company is also paid by the military.

Military spokesman Daniel Lester told AFP that these recommendations apply to everyone in the military, including recruits and those returning for training. Switzerland implements a compulsory military service system for all male citizens who have reached the age of 19 and are considered fit for service.

A military spokesperson told local media that the move was out of concerns about data security. Unlike foreign applications, Threema is subject to Swiss law and complies with EU General Data Protection Regulations.

U.S. applications such as WhatsApp and Signal are protected by the U.S. Cloud Act, which allows U.S. authorities to access data held by U.S. application operators, even if the data is stored abroad. The United States can also require companies to hand over user information through legal requirements. In this case, as long as Telegram serves U.S. customers, it may also be subject to orders.

“Because of the company [Threema] Headquartered in Switzerland, it is not subject to the Cloud Act like American companies,” Lester said.

In 2019, India referred to Facebook and WhatsApp as “Key Source” Collect intelligence for the enemy and call on military personnel not to disclose too much personal information in the messenger or even close their accounts.

The Russian Ministry of Defense also Say Last year, it will develop smartphones and mobile applications for personnel serving on military bases.

The US military also has headaches related to apps. In 2018, after a US start-up company released a global fitness heat map, US bases and patrol routes around the world were destroyed, not messengers, but fitness trackers.