What will be closed from January 7th

On Tuesday, April 21, 2020, a transparent barrier to enforce social distancing measures can be seen on a table in a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Roy Liu | Bloomberg via Getty Images

From bars and pubs to sports venues and karaoke rooms, Hong Kong will ban most public events from Friday.

The Asian financial center will re-implement strict Covid-19 measures for two weeks-from Friday to January 20-as the city prepares for the spread of the highly contagious variant of omicron. They will conduct a review within a week.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam said when announcing a series of severe measures to control the epidemic on Wednesday: “We are facing the grim situation of a major outbreak in the community at any time. This is why we must take very decisive measures.” As soon as possible.

The government announced that Inbound flights from eight countries will be banned From Saturday to January 21st. They are: Australia, Canada, France, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Hong Kong recorded 38 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, and 12,708 cases have been confirmed so far. According to the government website.

So far, as of Thursday, 73.4.% of the total population has been vaccinated with two doses. According to government data.

Tightened social distancing regulations include prohibiting dining in restaurants after 6 pm, closing theme parks, museums, and fitness centers and bars.

Starting from Friday, the government has also cancelled the 14-day large-scale bicycle event, Cyclothon, and entertainment facilities such as Hong Kong Disneyland, cruise tours, nightclubs and karaoke venues.

This is a list of all content that will be closed from January 7th.

  • During this period, the restaurant must also stop providing dine-in services to customers from 6 pm local time to 4.59 am the next morning.
  • The bar or pub will be closed.
  • Live performances and dance activities are not allowed in dining venues. Karaoke or Mahjong Tianjiu activities should also be suspended.
  • Entertainment venues are closed: theme parks, museums, party rooms, karaoke rooms, game centers, mahjong and Tianjiu (domino) Chinese gambling venues, event and performance venues, and movie theaters will be closed.
  • Sports and beauty activities: fitness centers, swimming pools, sports venues, beauty salons and bathrooms will also be closed.
  • Tour stop: All local tours and “Nowhere Cruises” are suspended.
  • Visits to public hospitals and nursing homes stopped.