“We Walk Together”: Lebanon seeks economic recovery through Expo 2020 | Gallery

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – After the Beirut bombing incident last year, Lebanon’s domestic political situation was seriously unstable, and diplomatic rifts appeared with the Gulf countries. Its economy plummeted, poverty and dissatisfaction increased.

According to a Recent Al Jazeera report, Three-quarters of Lebanon’s population now live in poverty, and the Lebanese pound has depreciated by about 90% against the U.S. dollar. Due to power outages, alarming food and fuel inflation, and shortages of medicines, much of public life is paralyzed.

Although these problems exist in China, the mood in the Lebanese Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai is a mood of hope, optimism and seizing opportunities.

“Lebanon has experienced a lot recently-from explosions to economics, revolutions, to the new crown pneumonia. The existence of this pavilion itself is an achievement and a measure of success,” pavilion staff Antoine Char told Al Jazeera.

“We decided to slogan’Let’s go together’ here in the pavilion, because no matter what happens in Lebanon, no matter what is going to happen, we are still standing. The diaspora is helping us. We are responsible for our future and change everything because we It must be shown to the world that the past is over, and now we are moving towards change.”

Char added that when visitors enter the pavilion, they are greeted by huge projection screens and loud music, depicting life in “Oriental Switzerland”.

After the display of handicrafts and handicrafts are more screens, visitors can sit on a swing and “embrace the experience of the entire central Lebanon”.

“Our goal is to show how Lebanon can rise again and try to improve its economy,” Ludmilla Medawar, founder of lebanesesignature.com, told Al Jazeera.

“We built this platform during the COVID lockdown, and now, as you can see from the products we offered here at Expo 2020, how people there are moving forward and starting to create their own iconic Lebanese products.”


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