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Friday’s planetary calibration provides astronomers around the world an opportunity to witness a spectacular near-total lunar eclipse, the longest lasting since the 1440s.

According to the International Space Agency, this fascinating astronomical phenomenon lasted 3 hours and 28 minutes-the longest in centuries. On Thursday and Friday, according to the local time zone, the arrangement of the earth, sun, and moon makes 97.4% of the surface of our natural satellite darker in shadow.

When the moon comes out of the shroud, it turns blood red or rust red in the sun.

During the lunar eclipse, the moon appears on the earth above the horizon, and dramatic celestial performances can be seen.

Sky observers in North and South America, parts of East Asia, and Australia have the opportunity to witness this phenomenon.

In Russia, a partial solar eclipse can be seen in Siberia and the Far East. The Russian space agency Roscosmos also shared an image of the shadowed moon seen from the International Space Station (ISS).

Even more surprising is that during most of the eclipse, the moon is very low in the sky, creating an optical illusion that makes it appear larger.

Although the full moon passes through the shadow of the Earth about twice a year, lunar eclipses are usually much shorter.

Astrologers warn that the latest event may not only affect people’s vision, but also affect people’s emotions due to their rare duration.

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