Walk, work and party to celebrate River Day in Oak Bay, Sanich – Sanch News.

Celebrate World Rivers Day in three ways with Bowker Creek, the area’s sea route that spans three municipalities.

A walk, work party and concert in association with Friends of Booker Creek, usually celebrates the 10th anniversary of Rivers and Booker Creek Blueprint.

Gerald Harris, director of Friends, and Ron Carter, a resident, walk along the sidewalk near the Oak Bay Amusement Center at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 26.

Carter, an arborist, will invite walkers to grow plants in the area. The walk ends at Monteth Street. The 90-minute Amble Watershed will cover the ecosystem, the effects of development and rehabilitation, an outline of Booker Creek for 100 years, and a recent daylight feasibility report.

A group of pedestrians will pass by on the Oak Bay High adjoining part of the creek, working on the restoration of the dwelling.

“Not everyone wants to go for a walk, some people just want to go for some rehabilitation,” Harris said. He invites these people to come with work gloves at 10 am, if possible.

The afternoon wraps up with a creek side concert, colloquially called Kings Park.

The outdoor concert features poetry from The Ghost and Sarah Rose, as well as Michelle Poirier Brown. Audience music plays through your ride.

The Friends of Bowker Creek supports the fund, which was acquired by Sanch in 2019 for Kings Park Greenspace. Sanch paid ڈالر 5.5 million for the surplus BC hydro land between Kings Road and Halten Street, and borrowed ڈالر 4 million to finance the purchase. 1.5 million. Sanich says he will sell some of the lot if he can’t raise 2. 2.75 million.

A group of community members is raising funds using the Sanch Legacy Foundation to balance using grants, personal donations and requests for support from local, provincial and federal government agencies. Visit saanichlegacy.ca To learn more about the initiative.

Visit bowkercreek.org For more information on World Rivers Day

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