Voting groups vow to boycott Biden speech — Action News Now

A coalition of progressive groups questions Biden administration’s failure to simplify election reform

Four activist groups have agreed to boycott President Joe Biden’s upcoming speech in Atlanta, Georgia, urging other Democrats to continue to snub the US president’s visit until he delivers on his electoral reform promises.

Led by the Black Voter Affairs Fund, the coalition released a statement Said on Monday that they would not attend Biden’s speech due to a lack of progress on electoral reform promised in the campaign, insisting Georgia would not be used as a “A pawn in someone else’s invalid political deal.”

“As civil rights leaders and advocates, we deny any visit from President Biden that does not include announcing a final voting rights plan that will pass both chambers and will not be blocked and signed into law by a filibuster; any deficiency is not enough unwelcome and unwelcome,” they said, adding that “Such empty gestures, without concrete action, without signs of real, tangible work, are unacceptable.”

The Asian American Advocacy Fund, the New Georgia Project Action Fund, the GALEO Impact Action Fund (a Latino activist group), and James Woodall, former president of the Georgia NAACP, join the Black Voter Issues Fund. They urged the White House to take more urgent action on two election reform bills — the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act — that they said would strengthen voter protections and reduce unfair or discriminatory electoral practices.

Every group is campaigning for Biden during the 2020 campaign, though their support appears to be waning as the White House fails to make “Policy Progress” On some progressive issues, electoral reform comes first.

Although Democratic lawmakers tried to bring the reform bill to a vote at least four times last year, they were repeatedly blocked by Republicans, who in some cases used the Senate filibuster — a rule that requires 100 Sixty of the senators agreed to move forward with a bill – defeating the legislation.Democrats and progressive allies are also targeting dozens of state-level election bills to pass in 2021, such as SB1 in Texas, critics say it amounts to “Voter Suppression” Despite Governor Greg Abbott’s insistence that the bill would “Making voting easier and harder to cheat.”

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