Veteran BBC host resigns due to “diversity drive” — Action News Now

The host of the Radio 4 show “quote…unquote” said he resigned after being forced to book diverse but inappropriate guests

Nigel Reese, who has been the host of the BBC for 46 years, revealed that he resigned because he was dissatisfied with the company’s continued demand for “diversity.” He claimed that he was often asked to invite certain guests as a tick exercise.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Nigel Rees, the former host of the Radio 4 show “Quote…Unquote”, resigned last month. He said that he felt his show was influenced by those from the upper echelons who wanted to promote a diverse agenda. interference.

“We have prescriptions for different groups and disabled guests. I totally disagree, but I agree because I have to do it. It comes from upstairs and seems to be a universal priority,” He said.

Reese claimed that the BBC’s goals often lead to difficult situations where guests know that they are invited in the name of diversity.

“In order to check the boxes in the name of diversity and representativeness, I am unwilling to continue to interfere with my choices,” Reese told the Sunday Times and added: “It is very difficult to execute it for its sake. It is also a kind of patronage, especially for those who don’t want to play because they feel like they are ticking.”

Reese said that he feels that his autonomy has declined in recent years, and he was once able to invite shows he wanted to participate in. The BBC is increasingly interfering with the choices of guests on the grounds that they may offend the audience.

In a further violation of his autonomy, Reese said he was asked not to mention certain lines in Noel Coward’s 1932 comic song “Mad Dogs and the British.” The BBC is worried that it will promote “Colonial attitude.”

The 77-year-old introduced the “quote…dequote” to the BBC 46 years ago, and has since launched 57 series and received more than 500 guests. Mrs. Judy Dench, Sir David Attenborough, Anthony Horowitz and Glenda Jackson all participated.

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