USA TODAY claims paedophilia misunderstood, then deletes tweet — Action News Now

One of America’s largest newspapers has removed discussions of paedophilia from social media after sparking outrage by claiming the growing scientific consensus that sexual attraction to children is “determined in utero”.

USA Today tweeted an article on pedophilia on Tuesday with the headline “Public misconceptions about pedophilia continue”. In a series of posts, the paper said paedophiles may have an innate tendency to be attracted to children and have no control over their sexuality.

“Pedophiles are adults who are sexually attracted to children, but not all pedophiles abuse children, and some who abuse children are not pedophiles,” USA Today wrote.It added that there was evidence that paedophilia was “innate,” Better access to treatment can help paedophiles control their urges.

The original tweet was quickly reviewed on Twitter, and USA TODAY later said it decided to take down the entire post because it allegedly lacked the context provided by the article, which was behind a paywall. However, the paper later removed the paywall, allowing non-subscribers to access the article.

Multiple Twitter users took screenshots of the original message, which failed to quell their criticism of USA TODAY. The newspaper quoted Canadian sexologist Michael Seto as saying, “I think as a field we’ve embraced the idea that it’s not something people choose.”

The article also argues that there is growing scientific support for views like the old Dominion University professor Allyn Walker, who calls for “Eliminate Pedophilia” and referred to pedophiles as “Little Attractors”.

The University of Virginia announced Walker’s resignation in November after comments presumed to be a defense of paedophilia. Walker’s book on pedophilia has the subtitle, ‘Attracted people and their quest for dignity’.

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