US military leaders under sanctions — Action News Now


Iran has sanctioned 51 Americans, including some senior U.S. military officials. Iran blamed these people for the killing of Qassim Soleimani two years ago. The sanctions came at a time when nuclear tensions between Tehran and the West were heating up.

Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced sanctions on Saturday, less than a week after the two-year anniversary of the killing of the famous Islamic Revolutionary Guard Commander General Soleimani who was killed in a drone attack in Baghdad, Iraq.

“Individuals on the sanctions list participated in the decision-making, planning, organization, funding and support, as well as the leadership or implementation of terrorist acts against Soleimani and his associates,” The ministry said.

On the list of sanctioned military officials, the first is General Mark Milley, commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Central Command Commander Kenneth McKenzie, former national security adviser Robert O’Brien, and National Security Council official Robert Greenway, who is in charge of the Trump administration’s sanctions against Iran, were also nominated.

Iran vowed to respond quickly and severely to Soleimani’s assassination, and within a few days it fired about a dozen ballistic missiles at U.S. troops stationed at two military bases in Iraq. Although no American soldiers were killed, more than 100 people were treated for traumatic brain injuries sustained during the salvo.

The then President Donald Trump did not escalate further, but for the remainder of his term, tensions remained at a boiling point. Joe Biden has hardly changed in the White House. Washington is reportedly considering further sanctions against Tehran to prevent the nascent Iranian nuclear program. At the request of Israel.

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian said in an interview with Al Jazeera on Thursday Say If the United States lifts all sanctions on Iran, Iran may return to the nuclear agreement reached with the West in 2015. The agreement is called the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan and provides limited sanctions relief for Iran in exchange for curbing its nuclear enrichment program. The United States unilaterally withdrew from the agreement in 2018, claiming that Iran had violated the agreement.