US intercepts suspected murder of Haitian President — RT World News

A suspected member of the Assassin Order was detained on the way from Jamaica to Colombia and boarded a plane to the United States

Mario Antonio Palacios was allegedly a member of the mercenary who assassinated President Jovenel Moise of Haiti last year. He was arrested by the US authorities in Panama on his way from Jamaica to his hometown of Colombia.

The former Colombian soldier was intercepted at Panama Airport on Monday and boarded a plane to the United States. He appeared in the Miami Federal Court on Tuesday. According to reports, he did not file a defense and will appear in court again on January 31.

After the Jamaican government ruled that the transfer of Palacios to the Haitian government did not meet the legal requirements for extradition, Palacios was deported from Jamaica to Colombia. He was not listed as a suspect in the murder of Moise, but was charged with a lesser crime of armed robbery.

The Colombian admitted to being in the bedroom when Moise was killed, but insisted that he was not actually involved in the murder of the President, who was shot 12 times and allegedly had an eye gouged during the attack.

Haitian officials stated that Moise was killed by 28 foreign mercenaries on July 7, mainly former Colombian soldiers and some Haitian Americans. The commando pretended to be a team of the US Drug Enforcement Administration and entered the president’s private residence.

Jamaica refused to extradite Palacios directly to Haiti. When both Haiti and the United States issued red warrants to Interpol for his arrest, it is unclear why he was eventually taken from Panama to the United States.Moise appeared shortly after his murder in July. Almost all the main suspects of his murder have close ties to the United States. The Pentagon publicly stated admit The U.S. military helped train at least seven assassination suspects, while several others allegedly Relationship with DEA ​​and FBI.

On Saturday, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry survived an assassination attempt in Gonaïves. The country’s chief prosecutor called for a restraining order against the prime minister in September, claiming that his connection to the murder of Moise meant that he should be prohibited from leaving the country — only to be fired immediately. A few days before Henry’s murder, Moys appointed Henry as prime minister, but it is unclear whether the attempt on Henry at the weekend was related to the murder of the former president.

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