US driver crashes in traffic after major storm — RT World News

Heavy snow in Virginia has caused many drivers, including the senator, to be stuck on the main road for hours

Federal authorities intervened after snowfall caused road congestion and drivers eventually stayed on the highway for nearly 24 hours.

The U.S. Department of Transportation announced in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon that the Federal Highway Commission is in contact with traffic officials in Virginia. Drivers who had been trapped on the road aroused great outrage, including Senator Tim Kane (D-Virginia). , He said on Twitter that he was stuck on the road on the way to the Capitol, and the traffic on Interstate 95 was blocked for 19 hours. According to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 vice presidential candidate, he usually needs two hours of commuting time.

The Virginia State Police announced that due to storms and poor road conditions, there have been more than 860 crashes, including multiple jack semi trucks and more than 840 disabled vehicles, so delays are the least worrying thing for some people. There are no reports of casualties, but many people suffered minor injuries. The mixture of rain and snow created a dangerous situation overnight. In turn, some parts of the highway needed to be closed, causing serious traffic delays. The police have urged Virgins to avoid driving unless absolutely necessary.

“The drive is not worth the risk of crashing, getting stuck, causing injury to you or your passengers, or repair costs,” The police said in a statement.

Many drivers posted photos of large-scale traffic jams on social media and vented their dissatisfaction to state officials and transportation departments. Some claimed to have been stuck on the road for several hours, and some reported being stuck for more than 20 hours.

During the first snow and cold temperatures in the area, many drivers stalled overnight on the main road.

Other videos show people sharing food with each other and finding other ways to spend their free time stuck on the road.

Governor Ralph Northam said that rising temperatures will help improve road conditions and help continue efforts to open interstate highways.

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