UN Geneva celebrates 6 years in support of impartial TV journalism – global issues

For years, the United Nations and its Geneva-based agencies have relied on global news organizations and other Geneva-based media outlets. Palais des Nations The latest breaking news is released to the world every day.

But a special collaboration with the Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union (EBU) ensures that public service news broadcasters in Europe and around the world have access to live transmissions and video news items from the Swiss city’s UN office, a primary source International news content.

A European Broadcasting Union staff member at headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

UN Photo/Jean Marc Ferret

A European Broadcasting Union staff member at headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Challenging Fake News”

EBU Director-General Noel Curran explained that the partnership involves “challenging fake news, guiding the transparent and balanced dissemination of facts, and restoring public trust in the democratic system that is the cornerstone of public service media”.

The decades-long relationship between the two organizations, whose mandate calls for a clear, unbiased, impartial and independent portrayal of today’s world, also acknowledges television’s effectiveness and innovation in serving the public interest and promoting trust, diversity .

“At the United Nations, we have covered many forgotten crises that other broadcasters rarely carry, from the world’s largest humanitarian emergency in Yemen to insecurity in the Central African Republic, Ebola virus Mass displacement in the Democratic Republic of Congo or the Sahel, which is largely linked to the climate change emergency,” said UNTV news producer Daniel Johnson, who is in regular contact with EBU News about the impending Interesting story.

As a regular presenter of our daily newspaper, he is also a familiar voice to UN News listeners News in Brief, and UN catch-up date line Geneva Weekly podcast.

“In addition to all the UN and international agencies in Geneva, we are also very honoured to have Human Rights Council Close too,” Daniel said. “The crows were about 60 meters when they came out of the UNTV studio — so we could just jump in and track what it was doing, if there was a big or breaking story there, to make sure they didn’t disappear. ”

Every year, UNTV Geneva produces around 200 edited international news items for distribution through the EBU’s Eurovision News Exchange. The partnership also extends to activities of special interest that promote the multilateral values ​​of both organizations.

A European Broadcasting Union staff member at headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

UN Photo/Jean Marc Ferret

A European Broadcasting Union staff member at headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Strengthen cooperation

Another recently established partnership involving the two entities is the United Nations Video Staff Communications Team. Following the formation of the European group – hosted by EBU – it was joined by its North American counterpart in 2020.

“In a sense, COVID has brought us closer together as many businesses have been ‘mixed’ and therefore reliant on live audiovisual support,” said UNTV & Radio head and group coordinator Michele Zaccheo.

“When the pandemic started, we had to fight not only disinformation about COVID, but also to see how we could concretely cooperate and support each other.”

The EBU’s Social Media Newsline was created by the EBU to provide enough social media content to be broadcast-worthy, similar to Verified, This initiative UN Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming and UNTV moved to bring the two initiatives together to examine how they can support each other.

Going forward, the two groups are looking for ways to further combat hate speech and genocide denial, as well as disinformation. “We’re looking at how to share digital content and online news coverage,” said Liz Corbin, EBU Deputy Media Director and Head of News.

“This ability to continually come up with ways to help each other, and how to give a wider audience access to trusted and reliable news content, is what motivates us.”

For more on the 60th anniversary of the press exchange, listen to a special podcast from the United Nations Office at Geneva: Behind the Camera: How UNTV Geneva is broadcasting news around the world.