U.S. veterans express anger towards Afghanistan

President Joe Biden admitted in a speech at the White House this week, “The scenes we have seen in Afghanistan are distressing, especially for our veterans, diplomats, humanitarian workers, and anyone who spends time in Afghanistan. In terms of supporting the foundation of the Afghan people.”

However, the voice of the veteran community is not always heard in the mainstream media. The mainstream media tends to give priority to accusations and political quarrels instead of focusing on the impact of such incidents on those serving or losing loved ones there. The veteran community is filled with frustration and anger-the American flag was lowered from the embassy in Kabul, and the United States could not even ensure a safe way for its people to go abroad, let alone the Afghans who had supported it for the past 20 years, where the United States led The efforts of the veterans are swift and devastating for many in the veteran community, who usually do not interact with the media, but seek mutual support through chat rooms.

A statement issued by former President George Bush and former first lady Laura Bush wrote: “Many of you are dealing with the trauma of war, tangible and intangible. Some of your brothers and sisters are fighting against terrorism. The ultimate sacrifice was made in China. Every day, we are humbled by your commitment and courage. You built schools, transported supplies, and provided medical services while destroying a cruel enemy and depriving al Qaeda of security. Shelter. You saved the United States from further terrorist attacks, provided millions of people with security and opportunities for two decades, and made the United States proud. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and will always respect your contribution.”

Cipher Brief contacted two senior leaders, Matthew Griffin and Scott Chapman, and they wrote an article Fictitious letter They use “writing in the Taliban” as a way to share their anger over recent events and how they believe-based on their unique field experience-the Taliban will convey this “victory” to their followers.

“Know yourself and the enemy, without fear in a hundred battles. Know yourself and the enemy and know the enemy, and every victory will be defeated. If you don’t know the enemy and know yourself, you are invincible in battle.”

grandson, The art of war

Matthew’Griffe’ Griffin, Former Army Ranger

Matthew “Griff” Griffin is a former Special Operations Army Ranger and a graduate of the West Point Military Academy. He has made four combat trips with the 2nd Ranger Battalion in Afghanistan and Iraq. Griff left the military in 2006 and co-founded Combat Flip Flops; he made fashion and lifestyle products in war zones, and his profits supported girls’ education, landmine removal, and veterans’ charities.

Scott Chapman, Former Army Ranger

Scott Chapman in 2nd 75 battalionday Ranger regiment from 2001 to 2005. He deployed to Iraq during the 2003 invasion of Iraq and four times to Afghanistan. After retiring from the army, Scott served as a contractor to provide security support to the intelligence community. He deployed 17 times in the frontline base of operations (FOB), mainly to provide security support for intelligence personnel and operations. Scott’s last rotation was in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, where he served as a tutor for the local guard.

Author’s Note: Over the past week, we have been trying to find a way to convey our thoughts to the American people in a way that deliberately evokes the anger, anger, action, and understanding we feel. It feels right to write in the voice of the Taliban. If reading our letter from the Taliban makes you angry, crying or thinking-then our goal has been achieved. We hope it will motivate you to take action by contacting your elected officials. Since World War II, they have been repeating the same failed script with your son, daughter, and taxes. If you want this to happen, please do nothing. If you don’t, then do something. If we do a little bit, we will do a lot together.

‘Written in the Taliban’

Opinion/Viewpoint— The first time I saw you was at Khyber Pass. You bring your skills, elite fighters driven by revenge, and arrogance that believes you can refute history.

This is a war you have no appetite to fight. But I am glad you tried.

We make you bleed, just as we bleed the Soviets in our holy ground. We make you bleed, just like the Vietnamese make you bleed in their homeland. We did it patiently and deliberately.

patience. Things Westerners will never learn.

Our history is a thousand years. When pagans ravaged our holy place, we did not long for an early victory. Celebrate our victory decades later. We endured, and then ravaged every standing army that crossed our border. Why? how? We are very patient.

In 30 days, we will become stronger, richer, and control the precious natural resources that you need to live a comfortable and miserable life. We will have ownership of women, wealth, land, guns, and one of the greatest chapters in military history.

you lose.

If you want to try again, we welcome the challenge. No matter how much money you burn in our desert, you will fail. Unfortunately, there are free suggestions here that may help your future success; if you decide to invade again.

You recruit fighters and supporters from a crowd of addicted, upset, disillusioned people who are addicted to comfort and entertainment. A group of people obsessed with changing their ordinary reality. Alcohol, marijuana, pills and our new favorite-Tide Pods. Every time your doctor prescribes an opioid pain reliever, you will put gold in our vault. For our warrior tribe, your people’s desire for our original heroin has never been more profitable. As long as you keep your hands outside, we will keep feeding you poison.

If your population is not so boneless, undisciplined, and self-loathing, then you may be able to form a raid team with sufficient resilience to surpass our team. Our soldiers were born for war. Grew up in it. This is a way of life that escapes the “first world” countries. They lived such a life of great suffering and pain that they were willing to fight barefoot in the snow to get a chance of martyrdom. They long for the chance to die. When they are indeed lucky enough to have the opportunity to sacrifice themselves, they will sit on top of Muhammad on the right hand of God.Allah bless eternity

What honor did your fighters get? They commemorated their emptiness and sacrifice in the form of a “three-day weekend.” Most of your people use this sacred time to get drunk and gain weight as a way to celebrate their fallen soldiers. Sadly, we honor their deaths even more honorably.

The colored cloth you put on their chests is very similar to the jewellery worn by our women. If you don’t have the courage to endure the battle, what is the use of honor and vanity? We will not provide our soldiers with the burden of health care because they often want to die for Allah. Your fighters fight for survival. The inevitable result of their inability to reconcile our patience caused them to commit suicide. Your drugs, counselors, and non-profit organizations will never be able to eliminate the pain you force them to endure. It will never take away the pain we have brought to your broken country. You are your own worst enemy.

We will give your fighters credit. Some are creative, tenacious, and fierce. They defeated us in every possible way. But again, we just waited for them to come out. Allah is patient. You let them cycle through our holy land every 3 to 12 months to carry out their battle rotation. After the trip, they returned to the comfortable warm bed and enjoyed endless entertainment. If you leave them here, in our holy land, there is no other way but victory, then you may still have a chance of success. The longer your existence poisons our holy land, your “rules of engagement” will only strengthen our position. There is only one rule in war-to win.

Your commander has your hands tied behind your back to fight. Your rules also confuse our fighters. “We are obviously enemies; why are they letting us go?” Thank you for your sympathy, because it allowed our warriors to kill more heretics. We started to feel as if your commander was on our side. We are grateful that your most vicious dog has never been allowed to take off his leash.

Your show general made us laugh. You spend millions of dollars for them to fly around our country, inventing new ways to win, while ignoring the guidance of our most capable enemy. Your generals make decisions to minimize the risk of their fragile reputation. The ultimate goal is to ensure a lucrative retirement-working with suppliers to power your lost power. Build a circle of self-interest behind your youngest and naive warrior.

Your retired general talks to your political, industrial, and financial leaders about “team, victory, and discipline” and “earns” tens of thousands of dollars. This is a mockery of the war they refused to participate in. This is a mockery of the pagan warriors who died in our land. We urge you to continue to follow their empty personalities so that we can further observe the collapse of your once great country.

Your politicians and elected officials are spineless, narcissistic, and more timid than your generals. They desire power above all else. They came to our country, hid behind the blast wall, and only listened to the indigenous leaders in power. I believe your soldiers call it “self-licking ice cream cones”.

They waste billions of dollars to bring clean water, electricity, commerce, education, agriculture, and exports to an area that does not need it. You should save your own efforts and give the money directly to us. Don’t worry; your diplomatic friend gave us a lot of your American taxes. If you want to use your “soft power” to try again, send people with real experience instead of fancy degrees and eloquence.

In the next few months, we will let the world understand that you have failed more than any fighting force that invaded our land. Today, we celebrate the victory.

When you leave the embassy, ​​our soldiers will stand in the shade. Our RPG shooter will wait patiently. We thank you for your parting gift. You will find surface-to-air missiles on the back of the Toyota pickup truck you bought for us.What did we see Blackmail 17 What did you do to the morale of your country and your combat troops. Do your citizens remember that victory? When your citizens and sympathizers withdraw in shame, we will repeat and improve our victory. Every enemy you have around the world will know exactly how to defeat you. You are welcome to pilot your aerial drone, aim at our cell phone, and dispatch your spy. But they will eventually fail. We will use their failure to show the world that you are not omnipotent. You are a false front-an empty shell. You lie, cheat, and steal, and you are easily defeated because you have no backbone to fight. This is your current history. We thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to show the world how to defeat the heretics.

We look forward to seeing you again on the battlefield.

Praise to God,


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