U.S. jury begins to deliberate on the murder of Ahmaud Arbery

Three white men are accused of killing Ahmad Arbery, a black man who was shot in Georgia last year.

A jury in the United States has begun to consider whether three white men were guilty of murder in Ahmed Abery’s case. Ahmed Abery is a black man who ran through one last year. Was shot in a predominantly white community.

The 12-person jury in Brunswick, Georgia began its deliberations on Tuesday. After 13 days of trial During this period, more than two dozen witnesses appeared in court to testify.

Travis McMichael, 35 years old, was the only defendant to testify in court during the proceedings. He said he was Self-defense.

McMichael; his father, 65-year-old Gregory McMichael and their neighbor William “Rody” Bryan, 52-year-old, were bothered by the murder of Abery on the coast of the coastal suburb of Satila on February 23, 2020. Charges of murder, serious assault and illegal imprisonment pleaded not guilty.

Dozens of Black Lives Matter and Black Panther protesters gathered outside the Green County Courthouse on Monday [Stephen B Morton/AP Photo]

Two months later, after photos of Arbery’s death were leaked online, it became part of a larger reconciliation of American racial injustice. As an avid jogger, he was running in a neighborhood of Brunswick, a coastal community 480 kilometers (300 miles) southeast of Atlanta, when he was chased by the defendant and shot.

A few days after a separate jury in Wisconsin was acquitted, the jury’s deliberations began. Kyle Rittenhouse All charges related to the fatal shooting of racial justice protesters in Kenosha last year. Rittenhouse, who claimed to be defending himself, killed two demonstrators and wounded a third.

Both trials highlighted the differences among Americans on guns, racism, and vigilance.

On Tuesday, after Chief Prosecutor Linda Dunikoski (Linda Dunikoski) made the last two hours of rebuttal of the defense attorney’s closing submissions, High Court Judge Timothy Walmsley instructed The jury of 11 white men and women and one black man complied with the laws of the Abery case.

Dunikoski asked the jurors to find that all three defendants were guilty of all charges and argued that the defense was Seek blame The 25-year-old Arbery died for himself.

“The standard thing: slander the victim, it is the victim’s fault,” Dunikowski told the jury. “I know you won’t buy it. This is offensive.”

The defendant’s lawyers had a heated debate on how the judge interprets the citizen arrest law, which is the core of the defense. They repeatedly opposed what they called the prosecutor’s misinterpretation of the law on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, prosecutor Linda Dunikoski rebutted the defense lawyer’s closing submissions for the last two hours [Stephen B Morton/Pool via AP]

Walmsley told the jury that citizens can only be arrested when the crime is committed “in the presence or direct knowledge of the citizen.”

The judge said that such an undocumented arrest must be “immediately after the crime occurred, or in the case of a felony, during the flight.” The judge said that if the person fails to be arrested immediately after the crime occurs, or if the crime is a felony, he fails to be arrested during the escape, then “his right to act will disappear.”

The defense argued that the defendant has the right and the obligation of the neighbours to jump into their pickup truck and chase Arbery in order to detain him under the law because they have reason to believe that he may be related to the previous property crime. Neighborhood edge.

The law was repealed after Bryan’s mobile phone video caused anger.

There is no evidence that Abery stole anything while crossing the coast of Satila regularly. He was killed with nothing but a jogging suit and sneakers.


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