U.S. gun makers have demanded that the court dismiss a lawsuit filed by Mexico over gun trafficking.

Mexico-Violence-Crime-Mass grave
A soldier protects the area where a secret mass grave was discovered on January 16, 2020, in Lomas del Virgil, in the Zapopen community of Jalisco, Mexico.


Boston – Gun makers told a federal court in Massachusetts on Monday Case filed by the Mexican government In August, US gun manufacturers and distributors discussed fueling. Violence Through them in Mexico Reckless and illegal business practices. The gun company Beretta USA Corporation argued that there was no basis for the court to exercise jurisdiction over Beretta in the case.

“The plaintiff is the Government of Mexico. Beretta is a Maryland corporation with its corporate home, headquarters, and place of business in Maryland. The court wrote in the document on Monday.

Other gun manufacturers – including Smith & Wesson, Colts Manufacturing, Glock Inc., and Storm, Roger & Co. – also sought to have the lawsuit dismissed.

Another defendant is Interstate Arms, a Boston-based wholesaler who sells guns to dealers around the United States other than designated manufacturers.

The Mexican government has argued that companies know that their methods facilitate and facilitate the smuggling of guns into Mexico. The government demanded several changes in the way companies do business and compensation for violent costs.

The Mexican government estimates that 70 percent of the weapons smuggled into Mexico come from the United States, according to the State Department, and in 2019 alone, at least 17,000 murders were linked to smuggled weapons.

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Beretta argued that the Mexican government’s case was slim, saying that the factual allegations in the Mexican complaint did not link the legal sale of Beretta to Massachusetts to the financial and economic loss claimed by the Mexican government to its own country. I do

“The plaintiff does not allege that the criminals in Mexico used, acquired or purchased the firearms that Barretta sold in Massachusetts,” the company argued.

On Monday, the ministry’s legal adviser, Alejandro Silverio, said via Twitter that his legal team would analyze the manufacturers’ responses. Mexico has until January 31 to file its formal response.

“The lawsuit has not been won or lost today,” Silverio wrote.

Hunting of hidden graves in Mexico


The filing came on the same day as Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard told the UN Security Council that the United Nations should do more because efforts to curb small arms trafficking so far have been “insufficient”.

Mexico currently holds the rotating presidency of the Council.

“Private actors should play their part in deciding on self-regulation and monitoring of their distribution chains so that they can avoid the diversion and illegal trafficking of guns they manufacture and sell, as well as this belief.” Make sure that what they sell does not fall under the law. Criminal hands, “Abrard said.


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