U.S. detains suspects for assassination of President of Haiti: report | Court News

The Colombian man is one of dozens of suspects arrested for the killing of Jovenel Moise in the Haitian capital in July.

U.S. authorities arrested a suspect Assassinate US media and Reuters reported on Haitian President Jovenel Moise, citing unnamed law enforcement and government sources.

Mario Antonio Palacios is scheduled to appear in U.S. Federal Court, Miami Herald and McClatchy for the first time on Tuesday afternoon. Report On Tuesday, a number of U.S. government sources were quoted.

Palacios was a former member of the Colombian army, and Haitian authorities said he was a member of the mercenary organization that killed Mois in July.

According to the Miami Herald, Palacios-also known as “Floro”-will be the first suspect to be accused of involvement in the murder of Moise. Assassinate Facing formal charges.

It is not clear what allegations Palacios faces in the United States or whether he has a lawyer.

Marlene Rodriguez, a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney’s Office of South Florida, told the Associated Press that Palacios was detained by the United States and will appear in federal court on Tuesday afternoon. She did not answer other questions, including allegations he might face.

The former President of Haiti is Be killed In the early morning of July 7, 2021, a group of armed gunmen attacked his home in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

The then Prime Minister Claude Joseph stated at the time that the assassination was “a highly coordinated attack carried out by a well-trained and heavily armed group.”

Haiti’s killing thrust, it’s already competing with Political crisis The widespread gang violence during Moise’s tenure led to deeper instability and Cause fear Among the residents who attacked further.

The Haitian authorities arrested dozens of people, including 18 Colombians and Two americans Haitian descent related to the assassination.But their investigation produced A few specific answers As for why the 53-year-old Moise was killed.

Critics in Haiti also complained about the slow progress of the investigation, intimidation and witness tampering.

According to two people familiar with the matter, Palacios, 43, was arrested in Panama on Monday when he was being deported from Jamaica to Colombia.

General Jorge Luis Vargas, chief of the Colombian Police Department, said that Interpol notified Palacios during its stopover in Panama that the U.S. government was extraditing him.

He said that Colombia, Jamaica and the United States are coordinating the deportation and extradition of Palacios to the United States. At the request of the Haitian government, Interpol issued a red alert to Palacios on charges of attempted murder, armed robbery, and conspiracy.

Former Haitian Prime Minister Joseph Joseph stated on Twitter on Tuesday that Palacios’ arrest was “a step in the right direction” and urged the authorities to extradite him to Haiti.

“I call on the Haitian authorities to cooperate with the U.S. authorities in order to extradite the main suspect for the assassination of President Jovenel to Haiti in accordance with the extradition treaty of August 9, 1904, in order to answer questions from the authorities,” Joseph wrote In French.

Caribbean countries face Gang violence surges Moise was assassinated and kidnapped for ransom.Haiti is also struggling to rebuild after the devastating blow earthquake In August, although residents face serious Fuel shortage And skyrocketing prices.

Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry Say He was forced to cancel his speech on the country’s Independence Day on Saturday after gunfire broke out in the northern city of Gonaïves, about 150 kilometers (90 miles) from Port-au-Prince.

Local media reported that the gunfire forced Henry and others to take refuge and seek asylum when they left the cathedral, where Henry was attending Mass.

“We cannot allow bandits of any background to be driven by the lowest economic interests to blackmail the country,” Henry said. Serving as Prime Minister Less than two weeks after Moise was killed.