U.S. Army raises enlistment bonuses in effort to recruit new recruits – Action News Now

Maximum payout for new troops raised to $50,000, hopes extra cash will help fill key jobs

The U.S. Army has reportedly increased its largest enlistment bonus by 25 percent as it tries to overcome pandemic-related disruptions and attract new recruits to fill key positions amid a tough competition.

AP’s top prize has been raised from $40,000 to $50,000 report On Wednesday, the head of the Army Recruiting Command was quoted as saying. Only skilled recruits who have worked in certain high-demand fields for six years are eligible for the top bonus.

Major General Kevin Willing told the news agency the Covid-19 lockdown has disrupted recruitment efforts in schools and other public spaces. Meanwhile, the military faces stiff competition from other employers for the most valuable new hires.

“We’re still living in 2020 and the effects of the Covid outbreak when the school system is basically closed,” Willing said. “We lost a whole class of young men and women who didn’t have face-to-face contact.”

Vereen didn’t specify which job-skilled recruits would receive the highest bonuses. Positions in niche fields such as special forces and missile defense often command big bonuses, but the highest-paying target positions can vary from month to month as the military’s hiring needs fluctuate, the Associated Press said.

“We are in a highly competitive market,” Willing said. “How we motivate is absolutely essential, and we know that’s very important in trying to get someone to come into the military.”

We want to promote the value of serving the country first, but we also know this generation and I guess human nature, you know, it’s also about compensation.

In the fiscal year ended Sept. 30, the military’s recruiting bonus totaled more than $233 million, down from a record total of more than $485 million in 2018, when the largest U.S. military branch missed its hiring goals. The average compensation for the 16,500 new hires who received enlistment bonuses last year was more than $14,000.

This year’s hiring target will be roughly the same as the 2021 target of 57,500, Vereen said. The military’s Covid-19 vaccine mission may also be a factor for new hires. More than 10,000 Army soldiers still haven’t gotten their first jab as of last month, and U.S. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth warn Those who continue to refuse vaccinations face the threat of dismissal.