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Four of the world’s largest tech platforms ordered to hand over records linked to ‘domestic terrorism’ and ‘misinformation’

Facebook, Google, Twitter and Reddit were all subpoenaed by House committees to investigate last year’s riots at the U.S. Capitol after lawmakers said they “insufficiently responded” to earlier requests for information.

Subpoena is Announce On Thursday, Jan. 6 panel chair Rep. Benny Thompson (D-Mississippi) accused the platform of failing to provide “Necessary Documents and Information” explain how “The spread of misinformation and violent extremism” Contributed to the January 6th event.

The lawmaker accused the tech giant of dragging its feet on the issue, saying the committee wanted to know “What steps, if any, social media companies are doing to prevent their platforms from becoming a breeding ground for radicalizing violence.”

The commission said it was seeking information from YouTube, which is now owned by Google, noting that the video platform hosts “Important communication … related to planning and execution [the] The attack of 6 January. “ Facebook and its renamed parent company Meta have also been ordered to hand over content they may be promoting “Hate, Violence and Incitement,” also “Misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories” Around the 2020 presidential election, similar to the subpoenas Twitter received.

Meanwhile, Reddit was specifically asked to provide information originating from its defunct “r/The_Donald” forum, where hundreds of thousands of former President Donald Trump’s supporters regularly gather in front of the community. permanently banned in so-called “hate speech”. A spokesman for the site confirmed that it received a subpoena on Thursday, Tell CNBC thinks it “Will continue to work with the committee on their request.”

Orders for tech platforms only a day after House panel summoned Two advisers to the son of former President Donald Trump Jr., and speechwriter for the former commander-in-chief.

Trump Sr. lost an appeal last month to keep certain documents created by his administration confidential, which federal courts have insisted he has no right to exercise executive privilege over.Meanwhile, attorneys for the House of Representatives argue that more than 700 pages are needed “Complete a thorough investigation into how the actions of the former president, his advisers and other administration officials contributed to the attack on Congress to hinder the peaceful transfer of presidential power.”