Turkish Uyghurs file criminal proceedings against Chinese officials | Uyghur News

Uyghur Muslims in Istanbul accused Chinese officials of genocide, torture, rape and crimes against humanity.

Nineteen people from China’s Uyghur Muslim ethnic group Criminal proceedings have been filed against Chinese officials with Turkish prosecutors, accusing them Committed genocide, Torture, rape and crimes against humanity.

Attorney Gulden Sonmez said on Tuesday that this was necessary because international agencies did not take action against Chinese authorities, which were accused of facilitating forced labor. Detain about one million Uyghurs Since 2016, the rest of the refugee camps are mainly Muslim minorities.

China initially denied the existence of these camps, but has since stated that they are Career Center And aims to combat extremism. It denies all allegations of abuse.

It is believed that approximately 50,000 Uighurs live in Turkey, which is the largest Uighur diaspora outside of Central Asia.

The complaint was submitted to the Istanbul Chief Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday.

The Chinese Embassy in Turkey and the Office of the Prosecutor did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“The International Criminal Court should have begun trials, but China is a member of the International Criminal Court [United Nations] The Security Council, it seems impossible in this dynamic,” Sommez said outside the main court in the city.

There are more than 50 people around the lawyer holding their photos Missing family member And slogans calling for the prosecution of Chinese officials.

A Uyghur woman waving the flag of East Turkistan outside the court in Istanbul, TurkeyUyghur women hoist the flag of East Turkistan outside the Kaglayan Court in Istanbul, Turkey [Dilara Senkaya/Reuters]

Some people waved the blue and white flag of the East Turkestan independence movement, which Beijing said threatened the stability of its far-western Xinjiang region.

The complaint involved 116 people. The complainant stated that these people were still detained in China and filed a complaint against 112 people, including members of the Communist Party of China, the director of the labor camp, and cadres.

“Turkish legislation recognizes universal jurisdiction. Torture, genocide, rape [and] Crimes against humanity can be prosecuted in Turkish courts and criminals can be tried,” Sonmez said.

“Save my sister”

Medina Nazimi, one of the criminals, said that her sister was taken away in 2017 and there has been no news since then.

“My sister and I are both Turkish citizens, so I hope my government can rescue my sister,” Nazmi said.

After the two countries reached an agreement on an extradition treaty, some Uighurs living in Turkey criticized Ankara’s attitude towards China.

The Turkish Foreign Minister stated in March that the agreement is similar to that of Ankara with other countries and denied that it would lead to the deportation of Uyghurs to China.

Some Turkish opposition leaders accused the government of ignoring the rights of Uighurs for the benefit of others and China. The government denied this.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Chinese President Xi Jinping in July that Uyghur Muslims are important for Turkey to live in peace as “equal Chinese citizens,” but he said that Turkey respects China’s National sovereignty.

UN experts and human rights organizations estimate that more than 1 million people have been detained in concentration camps in Xinjiang in recent years, mainly from Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities.