Tucker Carlson compares Pelosi to Michael Jackson — Action News Now

Fox host says he saw long-dead King of Pop on TV, but he really saw an opportunity to mock the Speaker of the House

Conservatives laugh when Tucker Carlson sternly claims to see pop legend Michael Jackson alive and well on CBS News , the liberals were outraged. This is not a ghost, but an allegedly groomed Pelosi.

“Michael Jackson in ‘Face the Nation,'” Carlson told the audience of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday. “It appears to be the living version of the international pop star, with news reports that he died of drug OD more than a decade ago. Yet despite these claims, he speaks on TV completely and undeniably.”

As Carlson spoke, a headline appeared on the screen “The shocking TV picture is a big surprise,” An obvious reference to what happened next.

Carlson then cut to a clip of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking on CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Pelosi, 81, who has been in politics since the 1970s, appeared to have recently undergone a facelift when she compared Republican politicians to Trump supporters who rioted on Capitol Hill last January. Eyebrows were raised high on his forehead.

“Look?” Carlson said. “Michael Jackson. That’s him. No ‘Billie Jean’, apparently he’s given up singing and lying about politics. Same guy. If you’ve ever seen Michael Jackson, you won’t forget the face – although there’s no denying it, He has done a lot since we last saw him.”

Liberal commentators, who had become accustomed to bashing Carlson’s show, were incensed.The Huffington Post described the section as “New Low” For Carlson and commenters on Twitter describe his joke “sick” and “Cruel.”

Conservatives, however, thought it was funny.Donald Trump Jr. calls the section barbarous,” Dozens of Trump supporters rushed to comment, sharing their reactions.

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