Trump’s 1/6 completed the work of 9/11 | Donald Trump

We should be grateful for these little pities.

In a rare moment of lucidity, Donald Trump has given up his plan to participate in the equivalent of Satan’s version of Groundhog Day, and he informed his army’s guilty admirers who wear MAGA hats that he will not replay his role in attacking Congress. On the first anniversary of the mountain.

There is no doubt that Trump intends to launch one of his iconic abuses in order to exempt him from the groundbreaking role he played in what is happening, accusing it drop by drop, which is a coordinated but ultimately failed coup.

According to reports, Trump is still hiding in his gorgeous version of Shangri-La (Marine Lake Manor in Florida) under the persuasion of his reliable flatters. Violent desecration of the U.S. Constitution a year ago.

Trump is also annoyed that his incoherent and lying “remarks” will not be broadcast on TV, and denying that this self-righteous narcissist has apparently brought his empty life to the same amount of attention.

Alas, we have to endure another convulsion of Trump’s mad temper that will be short-lived, because he plans to say what he intends to say today at a rich white man’s endless complaining festival-sorry, “rally”- -Scheduled to be held a month later in Arizona.

Nevertheless, it is gratifying that Trump unexpectedly chose to shut up once-of course, mainly out of self-protection-especially on the day when he considers its historical significance. I doubt that it will be remembered by people. Americans who lived and were enlightened insulted in the same way as 9/11.

It is worth mentioning that the terrorists who attacked the United States that day may also be plotting to destroy the Capitol. They were thwarted by the brave passengers and crew on United Flight 93. Ironically, they organized another type of rebellion to (possibly) save lives in the Capitol at the expense of their own lives.

Therefore, it can be said that on January 6, 2021, Trump and a group of fanatic allies in Congress and the White House helped complete the work that a group of fanatics started on 9/11. The MAGA thugs are not a plane, but with their rampant numbers and any weapons on hand, they ransacked and overwhelmed the seat of “democracy” in the United States.

Trump’s rude revisionism about what happened on Capitol Hill this time last year and why it happened has been accepted by the usual-and some unusual-suspects.

Common suspects like Trump provide their audiences and readers with the same level of reasons as their dear, delusional leaders about what happened and why it happened—money, notoriety, and history-destroying lies.

They have no shame. Therefore, they cannot be humiliated.

It is those unusual suspects, including several negligent “progressive” writers, who should be ashamed to belittle Trump’s riots, because they are just because a group of aggrieved Americans made a small mistake, or for The lunatic claimed that the FBI secretly incited angry chaos to provide support as part of a “false flag” operation.

Like smug conspirators, they insist on small differences to challenge the “official story” and use their fantasies to try to disprove the seriousness of a deliberate and determined attempt to prevent a new president elected by a healthy majority of voters.

Move over, Oliver Stone. You have a ridiculous company.

At the same time, a group of centrist columnists outside the United States wrote down their necessary commemorative letters, thinking about the lasting meaning and consequences of 1/6 traumatic chaos with varying degrees of apocalyptic horror.

In Canada, some authority figures suddenly experienced an extraordinary epiphany and now realize that Trump and his group of bubbling disciples holding AK-47s pose an existential threat to the institutional framework of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

It took them a while.

I remember when these types of realistic political clichés were taught to those of us, a few years ago, they warned that Trump was a blatant fascist, and the authoritarian nature of his definition would inevitably lead to a “democracy” in the United States. Brutal attacks on fragile and corroded infrastructure.

Although Trump’s series of anger has repeatedly confirmed his abominable character and sinister design, these wise centrists insisted that this rude but capable dictator should be grudgingly respected and respected, lest he destroy the lucrative crossroads. International trade, or worse, triggers a “trade war.”

Oh, I remember when the keyboard cavalry condemned Canada’s “appeasement” threat to Western “democratic values ​​and principles”, Saddam Hussein, then Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien refused to join the disastrous “democracy” alliance”. willing”.

Facts have proved that during Trump’s shocking presidency, critics of “appeasement” have become appeasers, and they have repeatedly warned against facing his blatantly anti-democratic modus operandi for the “national interest.”

These days, the wise centrist has made an amazing counterattack and lamented that the conditions for “American democracy is about to collapse” have matured, “By 2030, if not earlier, this country may be ruled by the right-wing dictatorship…”

“In 2014, the suggestion that Donald Trump will become president also makes almost everyone feel absurd. But today, we live in a commonplace world where absurdity often becomes real and scary,” said a Canadian political scientist. Writes in an appropriately centrist Canadian newspaper.


Several savvy observers, including the foresighted writer and filmmaker Michael Moore, warned early on that a “poor, ignorant, dangerous, part-time clown and full-time antisocial person would become [America’s] The next president”.

And “terrible” has become “commonplace” as early as January 6, 2022. It’s just that wise centrists in Canada and elsewhere deliberately and willingly chose to ignore it to appease Trump.

They seem to have forgotten this and prompted a professor at Royal University to write this shocking paragraph: “But now we must focus on this urgent issue, namely how to deal with the possible collapse of democracy in the United States. We first need to fully understand. To the severity of the danger.”

Before and after Trump took the golden escalator to announce the 2015 presidential candidate, many wise and concerned people focused on “urgent issues” and recognized the “severity of the danger.”

They are ignored or mocked as naive idealists who do not understand how the “real world” works.

To the irresponsible, habitually wrong, and wise centrists in Canada and elsewhere: a belated welcome to the “real world”.

In the end, millions of enlightened Americans who boycotted Trump and Pine Trees like me, saw him and his accomplices marching to the court in appropriately colored orange jumpsuits. It is very likely that attorney general Merrick Garland was accused of being caught yesterday. Comments on the number of alleged insurgents were disappointed by the date.

Hundreds of Trump’s crazy infantry have been arrested and some have been sentenced. So far, their leaders have escaped accountability and punishment.

At this point, Garland provided a rather vague assurance that “The Ministry of Justice remains committed to holding all perpetrators of January 6th responsible in accordance with the law — regardless of whether they were present on the same day or otherwise responsible for the attack on our democracy. Has criminal responsibility.”

Garland then pleaded to be patient with the “ongoing investigation” process.

“[The probe will continue] As long as justice is done in accordance with the facts and the law, no matter what the price is, the clumsy attorney general said.

Well, man, you better hurry, otherwise there is nothing to save.

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