Trump Jr. and Ivanka receive subpoenas – report – Action News Now

As part of the investigation into the Trump family business, New York Attorney General Letia James has subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump. Their father, Donald Trump, called James’ investigation politically motivated.

The New York Times served the Trump siblings’ subpoenas in early December Report on Monday. According to a court document cited by several media, the couple’s lawyers will file a motion to revoke the legal writ.

Former President Donald Trump was also subpoenaed in December last year and responded by suing James.Trump claimed that James’ two-year investigation violated his civil rights, and his lawyer described the investigation as “partisan,” and “The Bitter Crusade” By James “Punish her political opponents.”

Trump’s lawsuit claims that James’ investigation basically boils down to “Unfounded” During the fishing expedition, the former president’s lawyer quoted James’ public tweets, promising to take legal action against Trump as evidence.

“You and your cronies cannot be above the law,” she Tweet In 2018, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. “Every day we get closer and closer to justice. When I get to the Attorney General’s Office.”

James became the chief prosecutor of New York later that year, and he made investigating Trump a key campaign promise. As the general election in November this year approached, James briefly discussed the race for governor of the Empire State, but withdrew from the competition last month to focus on prosecuting the former president.

James’ investigation is a civil investigation, focusing on whether Trump has exaggerated the value of the Trump Organization’s assets to obtain loans and depreciates it elsewhere to obtain tax deductions.

Another criminal investigation led by the Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance is also investigating whether Trump lied to banks and tax authorities about the value of his assets. Although Vance’s term as a Manhattan DA expires on January 1, his office is now led by Alvin Bragg and will continue to investigate. Last month, Vance also subpoenaed Trump to provide evidence, but Trump has not yet complied with the order.