Trump accuses Biden of playing “political theater” after the January 6th anniversary speech-Action News Now

The former president insisted that the “big lie” was the result of the 2020 election

Donald Trump quickly responded to US President Joe Biden’s speech on the anniversary of the Capitol riots on January 6, accusing the Democratic Party of “destroying our country” and “political drama” to distract attention from the crisis.

Trump made it very clear in his statement on Thursday that he was dissatisfied with Biden’s harsh a speech An hour ago, Biden accused the former president of summoning his supporters to attack the Capitol on January 6 last year, and said that he had put his “Injured Self” Before the country.

Fighting back, Trump accuses Biden of using his name “Further divide the United States.”

“This political arena is just a distraction from the fact that Biden has completely failed,” Trump wrote, referring to the record number of Covid-19 cases, the crisis on the southern border, and “Unconstitutional authorization”, Refers to the current government requirements for vaccines, which are facing a lot of legal challenges.

He continued to criticize the House Committee’s investigation into the riots in the Capitol and his alleged role in inciting the riots.

“They are at large and are leading to the destruction of our country,” Trump announced that he continued to claim that the election was rigged, although there is no official evidence that he insisted that widespread fraud occurred.

Trump claims his critics want “The conversation about the election is’cancelled’,” Add a jab against “Complicity with the media.”

In a follow-up response, the former president said everything Biden “Touch will fail.”

“This is what you get in a rigged election,” He wrote.

Trump originally planned to deliver his January 6 speech on Thursday, but after many Republican experts and lawmakers objected, he cancelled the speech this week. The former president stated that he will discuss many of the same topics at the Arizona rally on January 15.

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