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“Working at CBC is about accepting cognitive dissonance and giving up journalistic integrity,” Tara Henley wrote

Journalist and writer Tara Henley wrote a stern letter of resignation to the Canadian state-sponsored CBC, accusing it of peddling social justice doctrines, stopping debate, and racially characterizing guests in the name of fairness.

Henry’s work has also appeared in many media in the United States and the United Kingdom, and he resigned from the news network this week after nearly a a Letter of resignation She has published various articles on her new Substack blog and the conservative National Post. She said that in the years since she started working at CBC, it has “changed from being a trusted news source to making clicks. Bait, it reads like a student publishing house.”

Henry, who claims to be on the left, claims that CBC management has fully accepted “It originated from the radical political agenda of the U.S. Ivy League school,” No inquiries “woke up” orthodox.

Henry claims that this agenda extends to choosing which guests appear on CBC’s programs.According to her letter, the reporter must fill in when booking a guest “Race File Form” To make sure they book “There are more people in certain races, and fewer people in other races.”

When choosing which topics to cover, Henley stated that CBC management was not interested in hosting the “Comprehensive social changes, such as lockdowns, vaccine enforcement and school closures,” Instead of prioritizing reports “Mini-aggression” and “Ordinary people with ideas that Twitter doesn’t like.”

Henry said that she has been receiving complaints from readers and viewers about the direction of online editing for several months.

“For example, people want to know why non-binary Filipinos are concerned that the lack of LGBT terminology in Tagalog is a CBC editorial priority because issues of widespread local concern have not been reported,” She wrote. “Or, on earth, why taxpayers should fund articles that accuse Canadians of using terms like’brainstorming’ and’lame.'”

Both of these examples are real, and CBC has published several article and video Due to lack of conditions this year “Non-binary” Tagalog, Filipino, and describe The terms “brainstorm” and “lame”, as well as “blacklist” and “barbarians”, such as “You may want to think twice about words and phrases when using them.”

Henry’s complaints about CBC are not unique, and she is far from the first to criticize CBC “woke up” The mainstream media in recent years. However, she joined more and more mainstream journalists, left the media that made them famous, and pursued editorial freedom on platforms like Substack.Former New York Times columnist Barrivis And co-founder of The Intercept Glen Greenwald Having migrated to Substack in the past year or so, they all accused their former employers of ideological censorship, and even Vox co-founder Matthew Yglesias-an open liberal –soon Secondly suitable.

However, another former CBC reporter argued with Henry on Twitter on Monday. Ahmar Khan left the network in December 2020 dispute In it he called Don Cherry the hockey expert “xenophobic,” Claims that CBC manages “I don’t know what the poor and black people really experienced,” Complaining that they rejected the race-centric story he promoted to them. Speaking of Henley’s switch to Substack, Khan Tweet That “Writing (bad) and shouting to wake up are new scams.”

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