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Guangzhou, China – In the past year, China’s technology industry has gone through a crazy journey, with tighter regulations, the evaporation of multi-billion-dollar company market value, and Beijing’s continuous push for technological self-sufficiency.

These are one of the important topics to be discussed at the conference CNBC’s annual East Tech West event In the Nansha District of Guangzhou in southern China.

The following are the most concerned issues and focuses of the current Chinese technology industry.

China’s technological suppression

This has dealt a heavy blow to China’s Internet names. For example, Alibaba’s stock price has fallen 41% so far this year.

Several questions are circling:

  • In which areas will China introduce more new regulations?
  • Which companies can be the next target?
  • What does this mean for the growth of China’s technology industry?

CNBC addressed some of these issues in the latest episode of the “Beyond the Valley” podcast below. These conversations will continue at East Tech West.


The continued technological competition between China and the United States has exacerbated the urgency for Beijing to promote self-sufficiency in various fields. One of them is semiconductors, which are vital to everything from cars to mobile phones.

But China is trying to catch up with the United States and other countries because of the complexity of the semiconductor supply chain dominated by foreign companies.

A good example is the field of chip manufacturing. SMIC is China’s largest foundry chip manufacturer, A few years behind Taiwan’s TSMC and South Korea’s Samsung. SMIC is actually unable to manufacture the latest cutting-edge chips required for leading smart phones.

foreign company Master the most advanced tools and equipment Required to manufacture high-end chips. U.S. sanctions Rejecting China’s use of some of these tools. Chinese companies cannot compete.

Faced with these obstacles, how China will develop the domestic chip industry is a continuing major debate.

“advanced technology

The semiconductor industry is just one of many industries that China is trying to improve its credibility.

In its Fourteenth Five-Year Development PlanAnnounced earlier this year, Beijing stated that it will take “science and technology independence and self-reliance as a strategic pillar for national development.”

The plan identifies areas that Beijing sees as “frontier technologies”—artificial intelligence (AI) and space travel.

China has made Significant progress In space, including launching its own space station.It is ambitious Send the first manned mission to Mars in 2033.

In terms of artificial intelligence, Chinese technology giants from Baidu to Tencent are investing heavily.

electric car

China’s economic slowdown


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