Together with Canadian artist Emporio Armani + more fashion news.

Artwork by Maxwell Ann Bernstein.

How the video game Fortnight gets high fashion treatment.

The Canadian artist collaborated with Emporio Armani on the brand’s 40th anniversary.

Emporio Armani Canadian artist
Artwork by Maxwell Ann Bernstein.

On the occasion of his 40th birthday. Emporio Armani.Toronto-based artist Maxwell Ann Bernstein was tapped to explain the history and future of the floor fashion brand. Bernstein, who teaches himself, has done this in a series of colleges that show how the Italian fashion house has lived up to its legacy while simultaneously adapting to the metropolitan lifestyle. Skilled colleges will be shown on W1 screens along Oxford Street in London, England, as a site-specific installation. Another example of Canadian talent around the world

GOGO Sweaters collaborates with Jordana Rainbow to raise funds for pediatric cancer research.

Photo courtesy of GOGO Sweaters.

The Canadian-made, luxury handmade label GOGO sweater is known for its chic, well-known nut. This week, the brand announced a new partnership with local charity Jordana Rainbow, a nonprofit that is committed to raising research funding and awareness for DIPG, a rare form of cancer in children. From October 1, a selection of limited edition wool sweaters will be available., And 30% of the revenue will go to Jordan’s Rainbow.

Moose Knuckles’ FW21 campaign includes Emily Ratajkowski, Aduva Abwa and Pete Davidson.

Photo courtesy of Moose Knuckles.

At this time of year, there are many sad reminders that point to the cold weather ahead. But we will gladly accept the bananas so that they can withdraw from their realistic and humorous FW21 campaign. Shot by photographer David La Chapel and styled by Kyle Lowe, the trio of celebrities – Emily Ratajkowski, Aduva Abba and Pat Davidson – posed on a frozen city scene, resuming some winter activities. Photos and outerwear are equally the best way to add personality to a mundane winter.

Knicks and Carriage House Birth launched several table books on parenting and postnatal life.

Photography courtesy of Razoli

Life after birth: pictures of love and the beauty of parents. It’s the city’s latest table book, and it’s especially significant because it has imagery and personal stories surrounding each stage of parenting and postpartum. Made Intimate In collaboration with Brand Nix. The birth of the carriage house.The purpose of this true Tom is to deal with misconceptions and taboos related to congenital experiences. The book is available for purchase here. And now local bookstores, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to The Black Women’s Health Empire Norse Program..

Volvo Cars Canada and Casca Shoes collaborate on a sustainable shoe.

Photography courtesy of Volvo Cars Canada and Casca.

Volvo Cars Canada has partnered with a Vancouver-based company. Casca The shoes will launch a limited edition shoe inspired by Pure Electric. Volvo XC40 recharge.. It is a collaboration that highlights the two brands’ shared vision for a neutral carbon future. The launch, which coincided with World Car Free Day on September 22, unveiled the long-lasting shoe. Sustainable and circular approach To design: 10% of each shoe is made from single recycled car tires, and seven plastic water bottles are used to make the yarn for a breathable, flexible upper ۔ It’s all wrapped up in a minimalist, Scandinavian design.

Balenciaga and Fortnite collaborate on virtual and physical clothing.

High fashion house Balenciaga has partnered with video game Fortnight on sports character clothing and limited edition wearable clothing capsules. There are four new gaming skins available for purchase in the video game to customize your player, along with Balenciaga’s Fall 2021 Futuristic Locking Line as well as a piece of Spring 2020 Animal Striped Luck. The game’s weapons have also been given a Balenciaga touch, re-imagining some of the brand’s finest accessories as pixelated ammunition. Body clothing labeled ‘Fortnight’ is available for purchase. Balansiaga., Although they are already almost sold out.

CAFA and TSC launched a new initiative to highlight Canadian fashion.

The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA) and Shopping Channel (TSC) have launched a new initiative to showcase an impressive and diverse group of Canadian fashion brands. A dedicated “CAFA Shop.“TSCE has been introduced on the commerce platform, and will feature curated Canadian designers, including AI Toronto Seoul, Beko, Banana, Brass & Unity, Judith and Charles, to name a few, even With plans to add more in the fall, in addition, buyers can discover the stories behind the brands. Jane BakerShow Style matters, Which airs every Thursday at 8pm ET on TSC.

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