Tigray forces say 56 civilians were killed in Ethiopian airstrike

A spokesperson for the troops fighting the Ethiopian government in the troubled Tigray area said air strikes killed at least 56 people in camps for displaced persons

“Another ruthless drone attack,” Getachew Reda tweeted. Civilians fled conflicts elsewhere in the area and turned out to be the latest victims of recent air strikes, which reportedly killed dozens of people in Tigray. die.

Spokespersons for the Ethiopian government and military did not respond to requests for comment on the airstrike, but they could not independently confirm it. Most areas of Tigray are still isolated from the world. Humanitarian workers find their work is severely restricted by the months-long government blockade, and communication between them is limited.

One day after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed released information on the reconciliation of Orthodox Christmas after 14 months of war, there was an air attack on the Dedebit camp in northwestern Tigray. Report out the furnace.

The conflict in Ethiopia changed in late December when the Tigray forces fighting the Ethiopian government withdrew back to the Tigray area after approaching the capital Addis Ababa. The military offensive supported by drones repelled them.

The UN humanitarian agency reported at the end of last month that between December 19 and 24, “airstrikes on Tigray were reported to have resulted in large-scale civilian casualties. According to reports, dozens of people were killed. This is the most reported since October. A serious series of air strikes and casualties.” It said that most reports of attacks and casualties occurred in towns south of Tigray.

The Ethiopian government on Friday announced an amnesty for some of the country’s most high-profile political detainees, including senior officials from the Tigray Party. The Ethiopian Ministry of Justice stated that the amnesty was granted “to make the upcoming national dialogue successful and inclusive.”

Ethiopian lawmakers approved a bill last month to establish a National Dialogue Committee under pressure from the international community to negotiate an end to the war.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of people have been killed in the war that broke out in November 2020 between the Ethiopian army and the Tigray army, which once led the country.