Thousands of Australian cities (VIDEOS) march for “freedom” — RT World News

On Saturday, protesters gathered on the streets of Australian cities to demand an end to what they called the “tyranny” and “oppression” of blockades, vaccine enforcement and the expansion of the government’s powers for epidemics.

In Melbourne, Sky News reporter Sophie Ellsworth described “Thousands of people flowed across the street.” The march was held after a week of small-scale protests against the controversial protests against Victorian Premier Dan Andrews. Epidemic Act, If approved by the state legislature, Andrews and Secretary of Health Martin Welfare will declare an indefinite emergency and pass a decree to issue public health orders-including “Any order…the Minister considers it to be reasonably necessary to protect public health.”

If the bill is passed, it will allow Andrews to target certain categories of people with these orders, categorizing them by age, occupation, or vaccination status.​​​ Violation fines range from a maximum of A$21,800 for individuals to a maximum of A$109,000 for businesses.

Alternative media sources said that more than 100,000 people attended the protest. However, the violent clashes seen during the protests in Melbourne in recent months, the demonstrations still did not occur.

“Australia has always been willing to send troops all over the world to help people gain freedom,” A veteran told a group of listeners during the protest. “It’s sad to fight oppression in our own country now.”

A large number of protesters also appeared in Sydney. Although more than 600 police officers were deployed to monitor the rally, no one was arrested. 9News Report.

Holding a slogan condemning the country “tyranny,” Demonstrators chanted “free” And called for the dismissal of state politicians who implemented a policy Two-tier system There, people who were not vaccinated were deprived of many privileges, which extended to people who were completely stabbed.

Similar large-scale gatherings took place in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth, with no obvious incidents of violence or police actions. Farther afield, protests are being held in more than 120 cities around the world this weekend. The activities are loosely organized, and activists call it a “global free assembly.”

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