Theo Flory conversation was canceled following comments on social media.

Theo Flory’s planned conversation has been canceled by Prince Albert Catholic Family Services.

Theo Flory will not speak to Prince Albert, according to Catholic Family Services, as he will not host the former NHL player following Flory’s messages on social media.

On September 9, the organization said on its Facebook page, “It is with great regret that our board of directors has been forced to make the difficult decision to cancel this event.” Theo Florey has been posting on social media. These messages do not conform to the beliefs and values ​​of the Catholic Family Services.

Many of Flory’s posts on Twitter are about conspiracy theories about the Cove 19 epidemic.

He was scheduled to speak at the Rawlinson Center for the Arts on October 15 on the importance of mental health and tackling challenges.

Over the years as part of the Calgary Flames, Flory has become famous for talking about his experience of being sexually assaulted by former coach Graham James while playing both minor and junior hockey.

Catholic Family Services appreciates the mental health and professional counseling of Theo Flory, who has experienced sexual abuse, trauma and drug abuse throughout her life. “However, we cannot proceed with this event in good conscience.”

Patrons who have purchased tickets for the event will be contacted by EE Rawlinson for compensation.

Members of the Catholic Family Services Board will liaise with their sponsors and partners on how to proceed.


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