The United States has said Russia is using Ukraine as a pretext to attack.

The United States has information that Russia provided a group of operatives to carry out a false flag operation in eastern Ukraine – the basis for a possible “excuse to attack,” according to a US official.

The official told CBS News on Friday that Russian operatives had been trained to carry out “sabotage operations against Russia’s own proxy forces in the civil war and in the use of explosives” and that they were “military.” “We can take action several weeks before the attack, which could start in mid-January and mid-February.”

The National Security Council declined to say where the Russian teams were located.

Online, Russian actors are also “plotting Ukraine’s provocations in the state and on social media to sow the seeds of Russian intervention and division in Ukraine,” the official said, noting that the Russians who accused the West last month Language narrative has increased by 200%. Ukrainian authorities escalate tensions

National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan said Thursday that the measures were reminiscent of those carried out eight years before Russia’s invasion and occupation of Crimea.

“We saw this playbook in 2014. They are re-creating this playbook,” Sullivan said.

He said the United States was ready to respond if Russia abandoned diplomatic talks in favor of military aggression, but said the US intelligence community had not decided whether Moscow would invade Ukraine. What is the decision?

“We are ready to make progress at the negotiating table – serious, concrete progress in an environment of easing tensions on key issues of concern to us, Europe and Russia,” Sullivan said. “And we stand ready to take the necessary and appropriate steps to defend our allies, to support our partners, and to respond fully to any naked aggression.”

Following his comments Many Days Intense But on a large scale No result Diplomacy between the United States, NATO, European countries and Russia, Which has amassed 100,000 troops on its border with Ukraine and has recently conducted direct firing exercises with troops and heavy artillery.

Moscow has been demanding security guarantees from the West for weeks, including a pledge that Ukraine would never be allowed to join NATO.

NATO and the United States have repeatedly rejected the demand as a “non-starter”, while signaling their readiness to work with Russia on issues related to arms control, missile space and transparency in military activities.

On Friday, Ukrainian officials said there were several official websites. Had to endure A “massive cyber attack” that destroyed them temporarily. A spokesman for the National Security Council said President Biden had been briefed on the attack but that the United States had not yet determined who was behind it.

Just a few hours ago, Ukraine’s ambassador to Washington told CBS News His country believed that a cyber attack would precede any major attack. Military action by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s forces.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg condemned the cyber-attacks, saying the alliance was actively “supporting the Ukrainian authorities on the ground.” He also said that NATO and Ukraine would sign an agreement. Better agreement on cyber cooperation in the coming days.