The Prime Minister of Haiti was shot by armed “bandits and terrorists”-Action News Now

Less than six months after the country’s president was assassinated, the attempt to kill Ariel Henry failed

Under the threat of the gang, the gunman tried to kill the Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry. The Prime Minister escaped unharmed, but it was reported that one person was killed in the shooting and two others were injured.

On Saturday, Henry was visiting the northern city of Gonaïves, when the country was celebrating the 218th anniversary of its independence. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, when he left the church “Bandits and terroristsFired at him and his security personnel. Videos circulating on social media appeared to show the moment of the attack: the politician and his bodyguard were seen evading from gunfire and rushing to a nearby car.

According to local media reports, Saturday’s shooting resulted in one death and two injuries. However, the police have not confirmed what they described “Armed groups.According to media reports, the local gang may be behind the assassination attempt on the grounds that its boss had earlier threatened the prime minister.

Henry’s office stated that several arrest warrants had been issued after Saturday’s attack.

A few weeks after the assassination of the country’s President Giovinel Mois, Henry was sworn in as prime minister.

On Monday, it was reported that Panamanian authorities arrested a Colombian citizen suspected of participating in the killing of Moiz. However, Panamanian officials have yet to confirm the arrest.

The President of Haiti was killed in July 2021. According to local police, a group of mercenaries-26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans-stormed into Moise’s residence and shot and wounded the president’s wife. In the subsequent gun battle with the Haitian police, four suspects were killed, and dozens of suspects were arrested in the following months.

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