The NDP leader demanded from the government to bring in outside help to fight COVID-19 during the stop in PA.

Opposition leader Ryan Millie called on the provincial government to seek outside help to ease pressure on Saskatchewan’s healthcare system during a visit to Prince Albert on Thursday.

The fair said healthcare workers and contact tracers in Prince Albert are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the rise in positive COVID cases. He said the government had “clearly closed its eyes” over the past few months and now urgent action was needed.

The fair said in an interview on Thursday afternoon, “Our hospitals are overwhelmed, and that includes hospitals that have seen a ton of COVID patients have to be admitted, the ICU is full, (and) people. Is being moved. ” “It’s really a ton of stress for those workers who have been working so hard for almost two years already.”

Saskatchewan reached an all-time high for ICU patients on Thursday. There are a total of 273 cohort patients in hospitals across the province, of which 58 are in intensive care.

Thursday’s numbers broke the ICU’s previous record, which was set on Monday.

Saskatchewan reported 460 new coyote 19 cases and seven new deaths, one in the North Central.

Mili said precautionary measures should have been taken during the summer. He still wants to see stricter health restrictions, but said the government now needs to do better to deal with the effects of Covid 19.

“We need to look at all the ways we can increase capacity, but it’s not as easy as putting some more beds in the school gym,” he explained. “You need nurses. You need equipment. You need staff for staff stuff, so we need to reach out to other provinces, reach out to the army, find what is available so that We can not only increase our physical response but also our human response.

Milli called on the province to create more incentives for vaccination, and to create a provincial vaccine mandate for schools and other places where large numbers of vaccines accumulate.

Premier Scott Moe took to social media on Thursday, accusing the federal government of failing to do more to deliver the vaccine to remote locals.

Moe said vaccination rates in the north are less than 50 percent, and accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of wasting time on a pointless election campaign instead of helping to improve vaccination rates in the north.

In a video posted on the prime minister’s social media accounts, Mo said, “(The prime minister) has a lot of communities in the province that are exclusively under federal jurisdiction.” “The province is doing everything it can to increase its vaccination rate in these areas.”

There are many things that could have been done without the help of the federal government, but these steps needed to be taken months ago, Milli said.

“Not controlling it in July and August really puts PA in incredible trouble,” Mele said. I have heard that the Prime Minister today has tried to blame the North using dog whistle language to suggest that this is a special part of the province which is being blamed. This is the person who should take responsibility and apologize for the lack of action. Instead, he is doing anything to divert, divide and divert attention from his broken record.


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