The most hated Canadian behind bars has no sympathy for other criminals – or guards.

The day Australia gave up its guns, their freedom began to wane.

The land below is now a complete police state. Proud, strong, free, productive Australia gone.

This drastic, bitter change should be a warning to nations that still cling to God, guns and liberties that are despised by the far left.

Australia, which is protesting against the dictatorship of COVID-19, the toughest in the free world, appears to be desperate for basic rights and freedoms, with heavy armed riots firing stones, bottles, golf balls and batteries at police. Is fighting a war

Wednesday was a tragic day for police in Melbourne. Rubber bullets were fired. In a crowd of 400 protesters, about 200 were arrested and fined a hefty US dollar.

These are regular law-abiding citizens, including traders who protested after two weeks of building closures, mandatory vaccinations, home stays and lockdowns.

They are tired of saying they can’t go out, they can’t go to church, they can’t travel far from home.

Authorities claimed that it was not ordinary people who opened fire on police, but that extremist and far-right groups were protesting. This is often a tired lie, an excuse to justify overstepping the bounds of freedom.

The Australian Government, with an irresistible appetite for control and compliance, plans to soon implement an app using facial recognition software to track movement and location. Australia will be randomly texted, taking 15 minutes to photograph their location. If they do not comply, they will be presented to the police.

The commotion is expected to continue.

This is by no means an attempt to suggest that people should arm themselves against the police who are bound to obey orders and face the violent consequences of bad political decisions while behind the decision-making armed guards. Securely hidden.

Law-abiding gun owners are not a problem. There are criminals with easy access to weapons.

Armed civilians are a factor for politicians and bureaucrats who seek to subjugate and control the people, depriving them of basic freedoms.

Owning a law-abiding gun is a protection that must be protected at all costs.

Gun confiscation in the guise of a buyback program in Australia took place in Parliament in 1996 when a nut job killed 35 people with a semi-automatic rifle. Since then, gun crime has risen steadily.

But still, only sportsmen, row shooters, rangers and law enforcement officials are allowed to carry guns.

It is a criminal offense to carry a weapon in self-defense in Australia.

We don’t see the devastation and frustration Australia faces in places like Texas where gun laws are relaxed.

Bad people do better if they don’t know someone is packing.

In Texas, even grandmothers have handguns on their hips or shoulders or wherever they want, because the law says she can.

In fact, by September 1 of this year, Texas law requires people to have a license to own a handgun – open or hidden.

Texas people over the age of 21 with no criminal record or mental health problems can leave schools, hospitals, amusement parks and most public places for safety if the gun is holstered.

Of course, Republican Greg Abbott, a champion of freedom and liberty, will never enforce the law on law-abiding people.

But politicians come and go. Laws are permanent protections unless citizens voluntarily hand them over to left-wingers.

Australia bought the lie. And they are paying a terrible price.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is lying to Canadians.

His ban on so-called assault-style firearms in May 2020 did not satisfy him.

He promised that if re-elected, he would crack down on firearms owners in a number of ways, including restricting high-capacity magazines to more than five rounds, and enforcing a ban on handguns. To bribe the provinces, and introduce red flag laws. Confiscate guns if someone thinks there is a danger, or maybe just wants to get dirty.

Trudeau wants to tighten prohibited firearms laws and make it mandatory for owners to sell firearms for destruction or make them permanently unenforceable.

So, a buyback program. Of course, the Australians did a great job with that.

Will Canadians abandon this one guarantee of civil liberties and leave our security in the hands of unreliable politicians and bureaucrats?

The choice is easy. What would it be Australia or Texas? Or is it the beginning of the end of independence for Canada as well?

Slobodin is a senior Western Manitoba columnist.
[email protected]

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