The Mexican army has been criticized for taking a political stand

The Mexican army has been criticized for interfering in politics, and the country’s military has long tried to stay out of political debates.

Mexico City-On Monday, the Mexican military was criticized for interfering in politics, a country where the military has long been excluded from political debates.

Criticism focused on the speech of the Secretary of Defense-a general, like everyone before him-praised President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s political plans. .

In a speech over the weekend, Defense Secretary General Luis Crecencio Sandoval said: “As Mexicans, we must unite in the ongoing national project.”

Cresencio Sandoval said: “It is a pride for us to be able to contribute to the ongoing transformation.” “Your government’s efforts are based on the legitimate needs of most Mexicans.”

The conservative opposition National Action Party stated in a statement that “this kind of political content does not apply to military personnel and clearly violates” the Constitution prohibiting armed forces from engaging in political activities.

The head of Human Rights Watch Americas, Hese Miguel Vivanco, wrote in his Twitter account that Crecencio Sandoval “publicly supports and agrees with” Lopez Obrador and “his Political Project”.

“Democracy is in danger when officers are involved in politics,” Vivanco wrote.

The Ministry of Defense did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

After decades of military rebellion and the rule of former generals, officers stopped running for president in the 1940s.

In exchange, the civilian government has long protected the military from external scrutiny or supervision.

But Lopez Obrador has greatly expanded the military’s role in everything from law enforcement to the construction and operation of airports and railway projects.


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