The Israeli military will launch an all-female combat platoon-report-Action News Now

The unit set up specifically for female recruits is for female recruits who have religious doubts about serving with men.

According to reports, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is establishing a new female-only combat unit for religious female soldiers who want to serve on the front lines but have “modest” concerns about close contact with male troops.

According to the “Times of Israel” report, starting in March, the military will allocate new recruits from women in combat roles to a new platoon, which will be built within the existing mixed-gender border guards.The Israel Defense Forces stated that the move to allow more women to serve in combat forces is based on practical considerations, not “Social Agenda” According to the “Times” report.

According to reports, the head of the religious seminary where many female high school graduates attended before participating in the national service told the IDF that their students had a “Strong desire” Take on a combat role, but can’t keep it with them “Strict modesty.” According to the report, women who are believed to have religious beliefs can choose to serve in the national service in civilian occupations.

The newspaper pointed out that religious persons who requested these positions for similar reasons already have single-sex military units, and added that there are four mixed-sex infantry units in the border guards of the Israel Defense Forces, whose task is to monitor Israel and Jordan and Jordan. boundary. Egypt.

However, for some religious leaders and opponents of gender integration in the military, the topic of female soldiers is obviously a hot issue.According to the paper, some critics condemned such measures as “Dangerous social experiment with potential impact on national security.”

Critics say that the service requirements of female combat soldiers have been reduced and the effectiveness of the military has been sacrificed in the name of gender equality.

The recent online quarrel on the IDF service on Facebook groups highlights the continuing sensitivity of this matter.Israel’s Hayom news media pointed out that a post on the “Confessions of the Israel Defense Forces” page by a former member of a self-proclaimed mixed-sex infantry battalion caused controversy because they wrote “There is no such thing as a woman in battle.”

“Anyone in a mixed service [gender] Ying knows that men do all things that are considered difficult and are more trusted,” The poster claims and adds that the initiative has “lose” because “Request to be a [female] The combat soldier is so low. “

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