The Israeli military “pimps” correctional officers to terrorists-warden-RT World News

A prison commander again accused Israeli female prison guards of being vulnerable to sexual assaults by terrorist suspects, trying to obtain chips and confessions.

On Wednesday, Gilbo Prison Commander Freddy Ben Shitrit addressed the Israeli government team, which appeared to confirm the 2018 report that women serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) were trying to persecute The Palestinian terrorism suspect confessed and was at risk of sexual assault.

The commander said that the prison boss has “Pimped Soldier” with “Hand over female soldiers to terrorists for sexual purposes.”

“Pimping is a big event,” He added.

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Civilians killed in Israeli

Allegedly, the female soldier who “pimped” in order to obtain information from the prisoners happened before Ben Shitrit became the prison guard. The commander is speaking to a government committee to discuss the failure that led to the escape of six Palestinian prisoners from Gilbo Prison earlier this year.

Channel 20 revealed these allegations in 2018. At least three female soldiers were allegedly abused.

A soldier who came forward said that she was ordered to accompany a Palestinian terrorist named Muhammad Atallah to patrol the facility, giving him the opportunity to attack her, including touching her buttocks, while the prison owner But turned a blind eye.

In response to Ben Shitrit’s comments on Thursday, Minister of Public Security Omer Bar Lev asked the Minister of Justice to investigate these allegations. According to Bar Lev, police chief Kobi Shabtai has launched an investigation into the matter following Wednesday’s testimony.

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