The Interim Chamber of Commerce says finding a new CEO is a top priority.

The search for a new CEO will be a major concern for Prince Albert and Phil Honjit, chairman of the district chamber of commerce board.

Honjit took over as former chair Tracy Fehr on a temporary basis after a brief ceremony on Monday. He said the interim tag would not stop the chamber from doing business as usual, and that would mean finding a new CEO to replace Alice Hildbrandt, who was fired from the organization three years later in August.

“I would not call it a challenge. This is another opportunity. Finding a new CEO will be interesting.

The chamber has already opened up for the position, and Honjit said some resumes are already coming.

During the AGM, members of the chamber did not discuss the position. Honjit said he would discuss it during the board’s monthly meetings.

Honjit replaces Bill Paulinski, who was in a chair before being injured in a recent car accident. First Vice Chair Kelly Desivich was unable to fulfill her role due to work commitments, so the task fell into the hands of Honjit.

“This is the position I intended to take over as vice president in a few years,” he explained. “It’s interesting, and I’m ready to take on the challenge.”

How long Honjit’s appointment lasts will depend on how quickly Paulanski returns to his role. The chamber intends to monitor the situation, but Honjit said he did not know for sure how long it would take.

“We’re just hoping for the best,” he explained. “That’s what matters to her and her family – don’t worry about the chamber right now.”

Retired Chair Tracy Fehr said Cowade 19 has made last year difficult, but the chamber is in a good position regardless. He hopes the next CEO will continue to pursue these successes.

“I think the year was as good as we could have expected,” Fehr explained. “I think we did well.” We did a great job of zooming in and bringing business into the chamber and keeping people up to date on what’s going on.

When asked if there are things they’ve done differently over the past year, the Fehr Chamber always strives to improve.

“It’s always a goal to move on,” he said. “You want to be as good as you can be. I think we did a good job, based on what we were given and how we were doing.

Prince Albert and the District Chamber of Commerce saw their revenue increase by about 10 10,000 last year, while expenses increased by about $ 4,000.


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