The importance of sound and inclusive elections in Iraq “cannot be overemphasized”-global issues

Jeanine Plasschaert, Special Representative and Head United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) Said that in the weeks after the vote, clashes broke out, demonstrations and sit-ins escalated into violent incidents, and casualties were reported.

November 7th, a Assassination attempt When an exploding drone entered his residence in the Green Zone of Baghdad, he took a picture of Prime Minister Mustafa Kadimi.

Demands and dissatisfaction

The Special Representative described Iraq’s current prospects as “unstable” and recalled that the October election itself was unprecedented in history. Nationwide demonstration In 2019.

Protests marked by violence, excessive use of force, kidnapping and targeted killings caused hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.

The country’s current fragile peace also occurs after decades of conflict, which prevents ordinary civilians from expressing their voices.

“Due to the lack of political, economic and social prospects, many Iraqis have taken to the streets,” Ms. Prashalt said. “Their demands and dissatisfaction are as important as ever.”

‘To be proud of’

Although the voter turnout in the recently concluded election was only 41%, the vote was generally peaceful and well-functioning.

Iraqis have a lot to be proud of in this election,” the special representative said.

October 22, Security Council Sent out statement Congratulations to the Iraqi people and government for successfully conducting “technically reasonable elections” and deplores the related threats of violence.

UNAMI provided technical assistance to the electoral process and responded to threats of violence and misinformation.

In addition, many experts pointed out that the recent elections provide new hope that Iraq’s challenges can be resolved in a democratic way in the future.

Call for restraint

The UN official acknowledged that the election and its results will arouse strong emotions in Iraq or any democratic country in the world.

Although the results may disappoint some people, she strongly cautions against letting civil debate-the cornerstone of pluralism and political participation-give way to misinformation, baseless accusations, intimidation or threats of violence.

Under no circumstances should terrorism, violence or any other illegal acts be allowed to disrupt the democratic process in Iraq“, she emphasized.

Ms. Plasschaert called for patience, saying that any illegal attempt to prolong or discredit the election results process — or worse, to change the election results through intimidation and pressure — would only backfire.

“I call on all stakeholders not to follow this path,” the head of UNAMI emphasized.

She concluded: “The importance of a sound and inclusive government formation process cannot be overemphasized.”


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