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One of the developers of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine warns that not everyone in the UK needs regular booster vaccines

British vaccine scientist Sir Andrew Pollard warned that regular Covid vaccines are “unaffordable, unsustainable, and may not even be needed” to contain the spread of the pandemic every four to six months.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Today program, Professor Pollard said that there is currently no “Completely sure” Does the UK need a booster for the future?

The vaccine scientist cited the situation in Africa and other regions where the speed of promotion was obviously slow, and emphasized that people still have not received one dose of the vaccine, let alone reach the level of four doses.

“Vaccinating everyone on the planet every four to six months is really unaffordable, sustainable, and maybe even unnecessary,” Professor Pollard said.

Although he admits that some disadvantaged groups in society may benefit from boosters, he said that this is just “Not too possible” A regular plan will be implemented “All people over 12 years old.”

“We know that people develop strong antibodies within a few months of getting the third vaccine-but more data [is] Need to assess whether, when, and how often additional doses are needed for those who are vulnerable,” The vaccine scientist added.

Professor Pollard serves as Chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) and Director of Oxford Vaccine Group, advising the government on its Covid vaccine strategy.

Although Maggie Throup, the British Minister of Vaccines and Public Health, did not confirm the government’s plan, she said that officials would follow JCVI’s recommendations and launch a fourth dose of the vaccine. However, she emphasized that for now, it is vital to continue to focus on the existing booster program and ensure that everyone is at least double-wounded.

In December last year, the British government expanded the Covid booster program to anyone 18 years and older, and pointed out that giving people the third dose is the best defense against Omicron and other potential future variants.

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