The governor of Texas orders a criminal investigation of “pornographic content” in textbooks

On Wednesday, the Conservative Party’s anger over public school teaching content culminated in Texas. Republican Governor Greg Abbott announced a criminal investigation into what he called “pornographic content” in the school library. His third instruction on the matter this month.

“The fact of providing pornographic material for no educational purpose to students in Texas public schools is a clear violation of the law,” Abbott Wrote in a letter on Wednesday, Instructed the Texas Department of Education to “investigate any criminal activity involving pornography in our public schools” to minors and submit the case for prosecution.

He wrote: “We have a responsibility to ensure that children in Texas are not exposed to pornographic or obscene content while in Texas public schools.”

Abbott issued the first two letters this month condemning the existence of “pornographic content” in school libraries.

On Tuesday, he wrote a letter instructing state educational institutions, libraries, and the Board of Education to develop standards “to ensure that no children are exposed to pornography or other inappropriate content in Texas public schools.” Earlier this month, Abbott Write to the Texas Association. The school board requires them to “protect children from pornography and other inappropriate content.”

Books cited as potentially pornographic include “grass boy” (referring to oral sex between boys) and “lost girl” (featuring LGBTQ characters).

Last summer, Texas lawmakers banned public schools from teaching critical racial theory, an academic theory taught on some college campuses decades ago. In addition to calling for the removal of books deemed pornographic, conservatives in Texas have also begun to ban books involving race and gender. Since then, school board meetings across the country have become more and more intense, including the politically mixed suburbs of the largest city in Texas, as conservative parents try to challenge and delete what they claim to be critical racial theory or obscenity books.

Opponents of the book’s challenge say that their real intention is to delete stories about ethnicity and LGBTQ. Richard Price, Professor of Political Science, Ogden Weber State University, Utah, Author of the Adventure Blog in Review, Saying that these attacks are equivalent to “book wars.” Price said that because some schools have succumbed to such challenges, their appetite will only grow.

“Appeasement of censors will only encourage more censorship,” Price Wrote on the blog on Wednesday.

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