The governor of Mexico denies drug connection after taking a photo with Cabos

After a photo from 3 years ago surfaced, the governor of the state of Morelos in Mexico denied any connection with drug dealers. The photo showed him posing with three men who were identified as local drug dealer leaders

Former Mexican national football star Cuauhtemoc Blanco won the governorship of the state of Morelos in the south of Mexico City in 2018 after retiring. A photo in October of the same year showed him smiling and holding hands with three men. One of them was arrested and the other was killed in prison.

Allegedly, the third man is still alive and leads a gang called “Tlahuica Commando”, which may have been involved in the killing of a community activist in 2019.

The Mexican Sun reported that the photo was found on the phone of another drug suspect.

Blanco said on Tuesday that he had “nothing to hide” and attributed it to the danger of being a former football star who would never refuse fans to take pictures.

“As a football player, I took a lot of photos,” Blanco said. He recalled one time when he appeared in a photo with the son of the imprisoned drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, and pointed out that “I don’t even know who he is, but because I’m such a good person, I think it’s with everyone group photo.”

When asked by reporters when and where the photos released this week were taken-it seems to be indoors, in an office or in a restaurant-Blanco said: “I don’t know, I swear, I don’t even remember Up.”

“I took a lot of pictures (with people), and I wouldn’t ask them,’Hey, who are you and what do you make for a living?'” Blanco said. “I want to continue taking pictures,” Blanco said defiantly. “Maybe more people will come out.”

Blanco previously served as the mayor of Cuernavaca, the state capital. In his professional football career, he is known for his combative and combative style.

Morelos is known for its mild climate and was once a quiet weekend resort for the residents of Mexico City. But in the past two decades, it has been subject to kidnapping, extortion and killing by drug gangs.

Blanco has been criticized for appointing a former football assistant to a national post.