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Letter: The stupidity of the current political environment

Barbara Touchman asks in the first chapter of her classic The March of Foley: “Why do high-ranking officials often act contrary to a point of view and enlightened interests?” Fair warnings, reasonable alternatives, and a wooden head (stupidity) are three signs of his stupidity.

Last month’s IPCC report gave us a fair warning about climate change. The rapidly declining price of green energy provides us with a viable alternative. The wooden head is easy. With Conservative membership, end the statement that climate change is real. Include Wilkinson’s argument for increasing TMX (we need TMX receipts to fund green projects). Or maybe Mr Singh refused to reject LNG, perhaps because the BC provincial government becomes the NDP. And in no case does Mr. Singh have a plan for a reliable transition for oil and gas employees (nor Mr. Horgan).

With a morally challenged prime minister who says he plans to meet our Paris obligations, he is well aware of the dirty secret that his plan only works when Canada’s Burning exported fossil fuels does not attribute greenhouse gases to Canada. Wouldn’t Ms. Touchman enjoy writing the last chapter?

Kenneth Ave.

Oak Bay

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