The following are 22 popular travel hotspots with “cheap” air tickets in the world in 2022

Due to the low average airfare to and from Calgary, Alberta, Canada ranks fifth in terms of cheap flights.

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Therefore, since Covid first appeared almost two years ago, you have not gone to a long-distance destination for vacation.You really want to go out-although recently Air travel interruption — Maybe you have actually successfully deposited the holiday money you would have spent a few months ago in the bank. Where to go?

Depending on how the latest pandemic wave develops, you may need to consider nearly 20 travel websites around the world Scott’s cheap flights recommendation In its “22 Cheap Tourist Destinations in 2022” list. This is because experts on the website said they are very confident that there will be discounts on air tickets to these destinations in the coming year.

According to the website, whether due to new routes, new operator services, or just low daily fares, these 22 cities, states, regions, and countries can give you more vacations in 2022— —At least for you. flight. After all, in terms of other costs, not all destinations are cheap.

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Scott’s cheap flights only include destinations that have been opened to tourists or are expected to reopen before the second half of this year.

Not surprisingly, air tickets to destinations in the United States and Canada are the cheapest on the list, with the Pacific Northwest at the top of the list, thanks to the average round-trip fare to Seattle of only $105. Also in the top five in North America are Oklahoma City ($182), Charleston, South Carolina ($185), Puerto Rico ($240 in San Juan) and Alberta, Canada ($259 in Calgary). Average round-trip fare.

Generally speaking, air tickets to Central America and the Caribbean are the second cheapest, followed by Europe and Asia, followed by Africa, the Middle East and the South Pacific. Located in the rear-but historically still very affordable-is Greenland, where passengers transiting through Reykjavík, Iceland, cost about US$940 for a round trip.

22 “cheap” destinations to fly to in 2022

Travel website Scott cheap flights A list of 22 destinations around the world has been compiled, and the cost of flying to these destinations should be greatly reduced this year. For the average economic round-trip fare within or from the United States, the prices range from the cheapest to the most expensive. They are:

  1. Pacific Northwest: 105 USD (Seattle)
  2. Oklahoma City: USD 182
  3. Charleston, South Carolina: 185 USD
  4. Puerto Rico: 240 USD (San Juan)
  5. Alberta, Canada: USD 259 (Calgary)
  6. Panama: US$271 (Panama City)
  7. Barbados: US$315 (Bridgetown)
  8. Belize: US$346 (Belize City)
  9. Dominica: 360 USD
  10. Venice, Italy: USD 473
  11. Lisbon, Portugal: USD 479
  12. Lithuania: US$492 (Vilnius)
  13. Singapore: $498
  14. Argentina: US$510 (Buenos Aires)
  15. Japan: $541 (Narita, Tokyo)
  16. Guyana: US$542 (Georgetown)
  17. London: USD 543
  18. Vietnam: $544 (Ho Chi Minh City)
  19. Ghana: USD 662 (Accra)
  20. Tahiti: $665 (Papeete)
  21. Oman: US$699 (Muscat)
  22. Greenland: ≈940 USD (including 440 USD to Iceland)

Source: Scott’s cheap flights

“In many cases,’cheap’ is a relative term,” said Willis Orlando, a senior product operations expert for Scott’s low-cost flights. “Some destinations, such as Greenland or Ghana, used to have extremely limited capacity and the cost of reaching the destination was prohibitive, but now they can suddenly be reached.”

Orlando said the pandemic has fundamentally changed the way airlines calculate supply and demand, affecting prices, and has noticed a shift from commercial-centric routes to leisure travel routes. “So although airlines may not have found profitability in the past to increase aircraft on routes to remote leisure destinations or to cooperate with airlines operating these routes (as in the case of Greenland), today they have some ideas. Different,” he said.

Orlando added that airlines are withdrawing some planes from once reliable commercial routes such as Tokyo, Frankfurt and Chicago, and flying them to places such as the Maldives, Hawaii and Greenland.

In other words, you may take a $185 flight to and from Charleston later this year, but it may not be cheap to go there. For example, hotel prices in the most desirable area of ​​this charming pre-war coastal city may be notoriously high.Travel website According to the report, the average hotel room rate is US$144 per night and the cost of a week’s accommodation is US$1,901.

“We all know why hotels in some of the most popular leisure destinations are expensive now,” Orlando said. “The number of hotel rooms/accommodations in a given destination will only grow so fast (the need to build rooms, convert apartments into holiday homes, etc.).” As demand increases, hotel and other room rates will also rise.

However, airlines can pay attention to consumer interest and increase capacity quickly, often lowering tickets, he said. “This is why although we have seen hotel prices in Miami in recent months have reached and surpassed pre-pandemic highs, direct round-trip flights from major airlines in dozens of cities across the country continue to be below $100.”

But what about the current chaos at the airport? Should potential flyers be wary of skipping these obvious deals? Orlando pointed out that from a historical perspective, the number of cancellations—albeit “dramatic”—is not high. “Compared with before the pandemic, cancellations have not actually increased,” he said. “In 2019, 1.6% of U.S. flights were cancelled-in 2021, that number was 1.5%.”

Orlando also pointed out that uncertainty is an “important part” of travel in a pandemic era. “The best thing people can do is to be proactive, prepared and vigilant,” he said, checking flight status updates frequently, downloading airline apps to facilitate rebooking, and being familiar with destination document requirements and air passenger rights . When it comes to major delays or cancellations, “​​If passengers choose not to travel, they are entitled to a full refund with the original payment method,” he added.

“All major U.S. airlines continue to waive the change fee for tickets above basic economy class,” Orlando said. “So if you are nervous, it is wise to book yourself a ticket that does not charge a change fee-so if things start to get tricky, you can postpone the trip without paying a fine.”